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5 cool upgrades of your Traffit account including brand new Plans!

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Last weeks were really exhausting for the Traffit Team, but also very satisfying. We have reached our goal and we can proudly present to you the new and improved Traffit. Will it influence your everyday work? Sure it will, but only in a good sense. “How?” – you may ask. So sit comfortably and enjoy:

Facebook Jobs

That’s a real banger – Traffit is one of the first european ATS’s to integrate with Facebook Jobs! Now, instead of just sharing the job details on your company Facebook wall, you can post the job on Facebook Jobs. Facebook will display it to the candidates from a matching location and allow them to apply using a very simple application form directly from Facebook Jobs. And that actually means over 2 billion of potential candidates you can reach for free. Just imagine all the new possibilities! Here you can read one of the success stories from Facebook Jobs.

What is more, your Facebook fanpage can be connected with the ATS and all the jobs posted on Facebook Jobs will be also visible on the fanpage, in Jobs tab.

Hiring Manager

New user role in Traffit. Hiring Manager can be invited by the recruiter to review and rate particular candidate, but he can also get the access to the whole process. Very often the recruiter is not the only person involved in the hiring, and now all the other attendees can receive an individual and secure access thanks to free Hiring Manager’s accounts. 

Hiring Managers can see the list of candidates applying for the role, add notes and rate them.

New pricing

Elasticity was the key to make this change. Choose the exact number of users and a plan, allowing you to pay only for those features your users actually need and will use in your Traffit. Recruitment essentials, customizable recruitment toolkit or an advanced tool with individual training? Upgrade and downgrade with few clicks. Simple as that.

New job creation

We have minimized the new job creation from 7 to 4 easy steps, that include the whole process from creating a job up to sharing it with the world in multiple ways. We’ve enriched it with helpful hints, making sure you create the best job description and the most converting application form. You don’t need to know these steps – Traffit will lead you by the hand!

New stage preview

Last but not the least. Browsing the applications for a particular job is now even more comfortable thanks to new stage preview. Explore the essential candidates data one application after another, there is no need to load the full candidate profile to do that:


With new quick preview you can see the candidates CV, notes and rating of other users, tags and talents – but also make some activities, like changing the candidate’s status in the process, sending e-mail or SMS to the candidate, sharing his profile to other users and Hiring Managers or adding a meeting with the candidate to your calendar.

Hope you like all the changes, that were based on our user’s needs and requests. Our Customer Success Team is happy to answer any questions you may have 🙂