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Generation X, Y, Z, baby boomers – how to recruit them?

As George Orwell said,“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” Are the differences between generations that important? If you answer the question – who are your candidates (which generation they belong to) – it will give you many tips on how to effectively recruit them. In short, the division is as follows:  Baby boomers – people born as a result of the postwar…

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5 cool upgrades of your Traffit account including brand new Plans!

Last weeks were really exhausting for the Traffit Team, but also very satisfying. We have reached our goal and we can proudly present to you the new and improved Traffit. Will it influence your everyday work? Sure it will, but only in a good sense. “How?” – you may ask. So sit comfortably and enjoy: Facebook Jobs That’s a real banger – Traffit is one of the first european ATS’s to integrate with Facebook Jobs! Now, instead of just sharing…

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How to get more applications from mobile devices by using Indeed Apply?

Traffit and Indeed Join Forces to Enhance Recruiting Efficiency New Partnership Empowers Employers to Reach More Qualified Candidates – Traffit announced a strategic partnership with Indeed, the world’s number one job site. This partnership will benefit job applicants and employers by streamlining the job application process, ultimately leading to more applicants and enhanced recruiting efficiency. Now, jobs created in Traffit will be delivered directly to Indeed via an XML feed, where they can be discovered by Indeed’s 250M monthly job…

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ATS – your new best friend! How to make an ATS-friendly CV.

Dear candidate, the ATS is not your enemy. It can even become your best friend! You just need to follow a few simple rules to make your CV ATS-friendly, so that every ATS will become your ally during the job search!  ATS-friendly CV checklist: 1. You want to be noticed by a recruiter, so you decide to make a fancy CV and you create it using all your graphic skills. Not a good idea. Recruitment systems base on the content…

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Indeed and Jooble Integration: How Does Traffit Help Increase the Traffic to Your Career Page?

Traffit is much more than just an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). It provides you with your own candidate base — a place where you can gather candidate applications from all possible sources. You can also build traffic by publishing your Traffit application forms anywhere: on job sites, social media, or even by distributing them via email. However, we’ve decided to go further and help you boost the traffic to your Career page as well. To achieve that, we’ve partnered with…

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Still Looking for that Perfect Match? TRAFFIT Is Here to Help!

Everyone is telling you that it’s about time you find that one and only. You hear that from your colleagues – both male and female – and even your boss insists on you starting the search. But you tried that some many times in the past, and each time it was so hard to find that perfect candidate… Here at Traffit we know how hard it can get and we’re totally with you on that one. There are things we…

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Google Hire is Shutting Down Soon. What Next?

Google Hire, the giant’s from Mountain View ATS, was launched in 2018. A year later, in August 2019, the company announced it is shutting it down on September 1, 2020… So what now? Well, this is not as bad a news as it seems. It is actually a great opportunity for you to level up your ATS software. How Traffit Is Similar to Google Hire Traffit is an all-in-one recruiting software, trusted by over 5,000 recruiters in 15 countries around…

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How do You Engage a Hiring Manager During Recruitment?

In our previous article, we explained who a hiring manager (HM) is and what his/her responsibilities are. We also shared some suggestions with you on how to avoid tensions between the HR team and HM. But, what if your HM isn’t particularly engaged in the process that they’re responsible for? In this article, you’ll learn how to engage your hiring manager and how to help them lead you towards your common goal: hiring the best candidate for a vacancy. Explain…

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