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Traffit Launched #InsideHR. A Free Education Series for Recruiters and Hiring Managers!

When entering the HR and recruitment world, I realized a couple of things really early on. HR is Undervalued HR is Hard Now before you stop reading, my next thought was ‘Why?’. HR is a vital part of any organization, and no respectable company would be around today without Human Resources professionals. I wanted to learn first hand from real HR professionals running companies in real-time every day, why do these two points exist, and how do they overcome them?…

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Why recruit using Facebook Jobs?

Why Recruit Using Facebook Jobs? On September 1st, 2020, Traffit was able to share the great news that it has launched it’s latest feature. It’s integration with Facebook Jobs. We also launched a bunch of other things, but let’s not get into that now. In the 9 days since then, i’ve had a number of Traffit users tell me the same thing. ‘It sounds cool Mick, but why recruit using Facebook Jobs? ‘ It’s a pretty fair question. We get…

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What is an ATS
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What is An Applicant Tracking System?

What is An Applicant Tracking System? Even though 98.9% of the fortune 500 use Applicant Tracking Systems to manage their recruitments, ATS (applicant tracking system) implementation is far from mainstream. So many of us find ourselves asking the question of what is an ATS, and does my organization need one? If you have not implemented an ATS yet, you might be managing your recruitment in a number of other ways such as a folder in your inbox, an excel spreadsheet,…

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Free Interview Scheduling Tools That Save You Time

With more candidates applying per job opening then ever before, I wanted to explore what methods top recruiters are using to save time while not sacrificing candidate experience.  Stack Overflow received over 50 applications per week, and their recruiters found scheduling phone screens was far to complicated. They were able to solve this by implementing Calendly, an Interview Scheduling Tool. Here are 3 Free Interview Scheduling Tools that can help you in the same way. First, I want to show…

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