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What’s New in Traffit? (August ’19): Transparent Candidate Sharing, Additional TO-DO’s in Recruitments, and More!

Here are the new changes and improvements that we’ve made to Traffit recently:


Transparent Candidate Sharing

You’ve been able to share candidate profiles with guest users for some time now. However, from now on you can know exactly who has shared a given profile, and who they have been shared with. We’re all for transparency, so now all shares are visible and can be easily filtered on a candidate timeline:


Additional TO-DO’s

We’ve given you an option to create additional TO-DO’s within specific recruitments. You can manually add them at any moment and tick them off when they’re complete. At last, you finally have your recruitment-specific TO-DO’s r all in one place! You can also filter all of your additional TO-DO’s by status, date, recruitment stage, and owner:


Published Advertisements List

From now on, you no longer need to open each individual job advertisement to see info about where it has been published. All such info, including the date, a direct link, and an editing option is now listed on each advertisement’s tile:


Better Preview of Advertisement Limits

We’ve also given you a preview of your advertisement posting limits, so that you can better manage your posting budget:


Hash-tagging Links

To increase security, we’re adding hashtags to all of the links to particular advertisements and recruitment forms. Now, instead of the link appearing as “yourcompany.traffit.com/public/an/1,” it will appear as “yourcompany.traffit.com/public/an/SDRrRw==.” As a result, nobody will be able to parse your advertisements and application forms, including those that have yet to be  published:

What do you think about our recent upgrades? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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