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What’s New in Traffit? (June ’19): Google Account Login, Easy Multiposting, Finnish Version, and More!

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June brought lots of rain to Poland, but it also brought along some new changes and improvements to Traffit:


Google Account Login

To save you time, we’ve made it possible for you to log in to your Traffit account with your Google account. So if you’re already logged into Google, it only takes a click! You no longer need to remember your Traffit password!



We’ve translated Traffit into Finnish for our users from Finland — Tervetuloa!

Flexible Security Settings

From now on, we’re giving you more flexibility with your security settings. You can now freely modify the values for:

  • Invalid password limit — the default value is 3, but you can now set it to whatever value you’re comfortable with.
  • Automatic logging out — the default value is 30 minutes, but you can now change it to values such as 45, 60, 90, etc.
  • Password expiration period — the default value is 30 days, but you can now cut it back to as little as 1 day.

Easy Multiposting

When posting advertisements in the 2.0 version of Traffit, you no longer need to select job boards one by one. Now, you can select any number of them at once and publish your ad on all boards at the same time. Cool, innit?

Automated Timestamps on Activities

All of the activities you create on a candidate or a contact person are now automatically time-stamped, saving you time and effort. However, you can still edit them at any time if necessary.


New Permission

Now, you can allow your admin accounts to have full access to all confidential recruitments — even though they didn’t create them and they are not assigned to them.


Editable Thumbs

We’ve also given you an option to freely un-like or un-unlike a candidate. If you clicked it by mistake, you no longer need to click the opposite button to reset it.

What do you think about our recent upgrades? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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