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Traffit introduces a free Hiring Manager role

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The recruitment process usually involves at least a few people, and every one of them must have access to relevant information. Well, we’ve got great news for you! Traffit introduces a Hiring Manager role with free access to the system and a few game-changing options. Read on to find out more!

What’s new in Traffit?

Previously we provided a Guest role so that recruiters could share chosen candidates via direct links to their profiles. That way, clients could view the applications but they couldn’t take any action. 

To improve communication and cooperation, we wanted to enable clients effortless access to multiple candidates’ profiles and an option to comment on them right in the system. 

As we introduced the Hiring Manager, you can create accounts for your clients and boost collaboration for free. 

Hiring Manager dashboard

Hiring Manager’s view at the ‘Job’ section

How to make the most of the Hiring Manager role in Traffit?

Hiring Manager is a decision-maker who has a final call about candidates in the recruitment process. Depending on the case and arrangements, you might need to share only the best pre-selected applications or all candidates. 

Hiring Managers have to be assigned to chosen jobs by a user, and their access is defined in the setting section. You can select whether a Hiring Manager should see the notes your team writes on every stage of the process or if he can only view the profiles. Now, Hiring Managers can easily review several applications in one place, instead of using links to enter them separately. 

Candidates profile

Hiring Managers view at the candidate’s profile

The crucial difference between a User and a Hiring Manager role is that the first one has full access to Traffit’s functions when HM is limited only to the ‘Jobs’ section, where they can proceed with their duties. Hiring managers can’t edit your data; neither read all of your information or change the candidate’s stage in the process. Admins can manage HM access to notes in the account’s settings. 

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Hiring Manager role – use case:

A recruiter has chosen the three most suitable candidates for a job, and he wants to present them to the client. A team manager that will work closely with a new employee receives an invitation to use Traffit as a Hiring Manager. She logs into the account and reviews all applications. Moreover, she can see the recruitment process and read the notes regarding every stage. She analyzes the candidates’ performance during interviews and takes a closer look at the uploaded CVs. She uses a rating system to approve candidates that, in her opinion, fit for the position. Now, the recruiter has clear information on the client’s conclusion and can move the recruitment process forward. Speeding up decision-making enables recruiters to deliver feedback faster and improve candidate experience.

Hiring Manager role in Traffit in a nutshell:

  • you can involve key decision-makers in your process for free
  • you’ve got full control over what a Hiring Manager can see
  • you can share multiple applications without sending dozens of emails with separate links
  • you can get feedback on the candidates exactly where you need them – in your Traffit account
  • Hiring Managers have access to the assigned jobs in one place
  • Hiring Managers can review them and add notes, but they can’t edit information about candidates, neither the process
  • You can comment on the recruitment stages and discuss with Hiring Manager right in the app instead of exchanging emails. 

As you can see, the Hiring Manager role creates more opportunities for collaboration and responds to decision-makers’ needs. Now, visit your Traffit account, add Hiring Managers and share applications with your client in an easier and faster way than ever before. Remember to limit their access to the notes and make sure you only share information you’re comfortable sharing with clients. Happy recruiting!