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Traffit Launched #InsideHR. A Free Education Series for Recruiters and Hiring Managers!

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When entering the HR and recruitment world, I realized a couple of things really early on.

  1. HR is Undervalued
  2. HR is Hard

Now before you stop reading, my next thought was ‘Why?’. HR is a vital part of any organization, and no respectable company would be around today without Human Resources professionals.

I wanted to learn first hand from real HR professionals running companies in real-time every day, why do these two points exist, and how do they overcome them?

Welcome to #InsideHR. I started inviting leading HR people to join me, talk about real issues facing HR departments today, and share some of their best practices that any HR team can replicate the very same day. The line up is pretty impressive with names like Hung Lee, Laura Mazzullo, and Kasia Tang sharing their super value insights, and I plan to drop new episodes each week. I’ve added here some of our first episodes. I really hope you find them useful.

Episode 1 – What is Talent Management and does your company need it? With Aneta Bochenek

Episode 2 – What is sourcing? With Kasia Tang

Episode 3 – When is the right time to use an IT Recruitment Agency? With Kasia Michalek

Episode 4 – What does a Head of People do? With Tomek Jurek


I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the episodes and which did you find valuable? Also please let me know what topics you would like to hear experts cover in future episodes and I’ll do my very best to find great people to talk about them!

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