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Traffit’s New API Is Here!

We’re happy to announce the release of the new API, a mechanism that allows you to exchange data between systems. From now on, you can freely integrate Traffit with any system of your choice!

This new edition expands on the old API – so here’s a short reminder (please note that the ‘new’ version doesn’t replace the ‘old’ one, but both versions complement each other):


API v. 1

Using our ‘old’ API, you can easily publish, edit, and delete job advertisements on your website. It only takes two clicks to get things done, and you don’t need to engage your IT guys. It also helps to increase your brand integrity, as you can customize your advertisement layout so it matches your overall website style and your customers remain in your domain rather than being taken to ours.

How does it work in practice? Once you integrate your website with Traffit (this document will help you with that), you can publish your job advertisements with one click in the Multiposting subtab, as explained here. Traffit then sends all the key information – recruitment name, reference number, job description, job location, link to the application form, etc. – to your website, which displays it according to its layout.


API v. 2

Our new API goes much further. You can use it to freely integrate Traffit with any system of your choice! Why is this so useful?

  1. You no longer need to waste time on filling in the candidate data manually or exporting it to an *.xls file to be able to upload it to another system. It gets done automatically.
  2. You no longer need to spend a fortune on massive solutions that combine ATS, CRM and Payroll tools. You can choose more affordable software (e.g., Traffit) and integrate it with other systems.
  3. You can both import data from a system (e.g., your CRM) into Traffit, and export it from Traffit to any other system.
  4. You can back up your entire candidate database locally or in your cloud.

Excited to get started? Read this!

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