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What’s new in Traffit? (January ’19)

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We’ve entered 2019 with a lot of ambitious plans.  Our December post by Adrian, our CEO, gives you all the details. Here are the changes in Traffit we’ve introduced in this past month:


New features

  • We’ve expanded the scope of your recruitment reports. From now on, your statistics offer many more details about the number of applications and the number of new and unique candidates (for both current and past recruitments). Now, you can also see complete information about the name and status of a recruitment, its reference number, number of new candidates and number of rejected/hired candidates vs. all candidates in a recruitment:

Note that the first line can be freely customized by you (but the second line cannot).

  • In the Clients module we’ve added the Contacts tab, where you can access a full list of contact people for all of your clients:

You can, of course, search it and filter as needed.

  • We’ve given you the option to decide if your dictionary values are sorted alphabetically or not. By default, it is enabled, but your Traffit administrator can change it according to your organization needs:



As always, we’ve introduced some improvements, e.g., to the recruitment reports, quick candidate preview, and notifications. But the biggest job we’re focusing on right now is the new, redesigned version of Traffit. We hope to release it within the next couple of weeks. Here’s a sneak peek:

What do you think about the new features and improvements? Let us know in the comments section below. 🙂

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