Our mission is to enable Recruiters and Candidates to create Powerful Relationships.

TRAFFIT solid base and the key to success are the people.

Adrian Wolak

I believe that business is made up of people.

The people in our company who develop our product. The people from our customers who use it to hire the best people for their jobs.

I believe that technology should bring them together and allow them to focus on what is most important. Focus on People. That’s why in 2014, we founded TRAFFIT .

From the very beginning, we have been guided by the simple principles that being open and honest with our clients, colleagues, partners will allow us to create the best HR solutions. Transparency first and no-bullshit approach is something that pushes us forward, that is our DNA.

Traffit Pathways

Everyday they’re the driving force of the company. We believe that giving the employees trust, responsibility, transparent access to all the information, and also showing appreciation for their work are the key elements to empower every team member to move themselves and TRAFFIT forward. Traffit Pathways combine all these elements together to make Traffit people thrive.

Defined Development

Each Traffit team member has the personal road map Traffit employees follow to progress their positions and their salaries.
Team members have complete control over the speed in which they move forward though their levels. Team members know exactly when they qualify for a pay rise, and we remove the element of ‘asking’ for a promotion. Managers' opinions and feelings are not involved in this process.
Every team member can view another member's pathway. This allows us to celebrate every single promotion as it is now impossible to progress without achieving goals and increasing skill sets and responsibilities.

Transparent salaries

At Traffit we want every employee to grow with us. We want them to see Traffit as a career, not just a job.
For this to be achieved, we display to them the potential growth of their role as they develop their skills with us. Furthermore, we remove the perception that in order to develop your career, you must either grow your own team, or replace the person above you.
Everyone inside and outside the company knows the salary for each role. Transparent salaries ensure that every employee is treated equally and progress at Traffit is only connected to the performance. It is never associated with gender, race, sexuality, beliefs or any other factor other than your skills and performance. Always.

Unlimited holidays

We focus on individuals and team self-organization and we treat ourselves as responsible adults.
Our work is based on goals, trust and clearly defined areas of responsibility. Each of us knows best when we need a rest and when we can do a great job. Whenever we feel it's needed, we have the power and possibility to rearrange our tasks, work and just to take some time off.
This balance between work, personal life and health is crucial for us, so everyone feels secure and empowered to do our job the way we know it’s best and most efficient. Everybody is unique and we don’t want to shadow this uniqueness by limiting the chance to charge the batteries and coming back twice as productive. Giving each other trust and defined responsibilities and goals are the solid ground to let employees decide.

Work Anniversaries

Having every single employee who choose to stay with us another year is a huge thing for us.
We have a tiered system that not only rewards team members personally, but also allows them to be proud of their time spent with us as part of our team. We wanted to create an item that although was equal in value each year and represented a key milestone uniquely.
This way, on each anniversary employees get a gift, wine and hoodie in a color depending on the time spent in the company. Only the 5th anniversary is quite different, because we treat it as a time for a break, so we encourage employees to take an extra 2 weeks off and give 1000 zl cash to spend on whatever they want!

Business metrics

Candidates in Recruitments

Connecting qualified candidates to exciting job opportunities.

At Traffit our goal is to combine our product and knowledge, with our users amazing career opportunities. Over 6,500,000 candidates have applied for  open recruitments hosted in our solution. 

Successfully hired Candidates

Helping our recruiters successfully hire new employees.

The power of our solution is to enable our users to give candidates the best possible recruitment experience on the way to finding their next employee. Over 314,000 candidates have been hired so far. 

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Recruiters and Hiring Managers using Traffit.

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Our core values

There’re five major things that define TRAFFIT as a company, place to work and its culture. But before we say something more about it, it’s really important to know how we figured that out. We did have different core values a few years ago, but at some point we felt it’s not something reflecting the company. So with the management we prepared new propositions and discussed them with our employees, so everyone could say at the end that this is true, this is how it is at TRAFFIT and they feel them. This way, together we came up with five core values which are the reflection of our everyday’s work and culture.
No bullshit

Cutting all the bullshit is essential for us. Neither we romanticize, nor deceive.

We talk about the things as they really are, both inside and outside our team. There’s no use coloring the reality, we respect each other and rely on honesty. Acknowledging openly our strengths and weaknesses, good and bad situations helps us to constantly improve in every aspect and build trusted relationships with each other.
Transparency first
Transparency makes our lives easier. We are honest with our clients and with each other.

Our intentions and actions are transparent. It lets us focus on our goals and work efficiently in a
trusted team. We talk openly, creating an environment where all of us can question and discuss
things that matter to us. Sometimes it’s not easy, but that’s how we grow – personally and as an
organization. We believe that no matter if you are CEO or developer or any other role – you all
need to have all the information to push the company forward together.

Your unique self

We all have different experiences, skills, and things we care about. A

At TRAFFIT, we want those unique parts of us to be what drives us forward. Each single role at the company that matters to TRAFFIT success in its unique way. We value that uniqueness. Anytime you have a goal to achieve, we ask you to use your experience and individual approach. We won’t tell you exactly what to do.
Innovation is the key
Innovation is how we want to grow as a company and individuals.
Not moving forward is moving backwards for us. We’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate. For that to happen, everyone at TRAFFIT is empowered to take bold decisions – and also to screw up. We believe in you and trust you, and if you miss a goal, it’s ok too. It’s in the nature of innovation to try and fail. We get back up, we innovate and we move forward.
Power of relationships
We make creating and delivering a great experience with our product and TRAFFIT culture our priority.
Money is important – it runs the business forward – but it’s not always the most important for us. We see the people first. It demands being open for feedback both from the inside and outside. We want to learn from everybody who has some thoughts on TRAFFIT as a product and as a company for current candidates. Tell us what you enjoy, what we have screwed up, and what can be added – we value your opinion and care for our relationship.

Meet our team

TRAFFIT currently builds 32 exceptional people and we need each of them without exception to continue our success. Together, we set trends in the HR industry, which we strengthen with our product. We develop Traffit based on the real problems of the industry, based on data that we like more and more.

Head of Growth and Board Member
Head of Performance
Marketing Project
Customer Success Specialist
Chief Evangelist
People and Culture Manager
Web Developer
IT Architect
Product Owner
Customer Success Specialist
Customer Success Specialist
Customer Success Specialist
Project Manager
Customer Success Specialist
Data Analyst
Office Assistant
Content Marketing Manager
IT Manager
Product Designer
Customer Success Specialist
Business Development Manager
Sales Development Manager
Board Member
Board Member
We’re strong individuals who believe that together can achieve great things. That belief is based on the trust and common goal we share. Our team is united, dependable and always focused on people. For TRAFFIT to be successful, we need all these amazing and powerful people. Work and engagement each of them makes a real difference in what we achieve.
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Focus on People

TRAFFIT currently builds 37 exceptional people and we need each of them without exception to continue our success. Together, we set trends in the HR industry, which we strengthen with our product. We develop Traffit based on the real problems of the industry, based on data that we like more and more.

How we work

At Traffit everybody gets the freedom to choose the way of work that suits them best. We have our office in Gdynia and we can work either remotely, on site or in a hybrid model. There’re only 2 days a month when we invite the whole team to the office and we call the Team Together Tuesday (TTT). We use these days to integrate, have some fun, run workshops, and meet all together. It’s always a very special day.

Carbon emissions are a global challenge we face together. As we reach our mission to give recruiters the tools they require to hire their future colleagues, we do not lose sight that with each new Traffit user, there is more carbon emissions generated. Therefore Traffit is now committed to offsetting carbon emissions by planting a tree for every new Traffit user created.