Why You Need a CRM in Your ATS

You may think that using an ATS makes you a top-notch recruiter. Well, to a degree it does. But to be a true wizard
Anna Sykut
Anna Sykut
Chief Evangelist in TRAFFIT
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    You may think that using an ATS makes you a top-notch recruiter. Well, to a degree it does. But to be a true wizard of HR, you need to be using a CRM – Customer Relations Module – as well. Why?

    Manage your clients

    If you are a staffing agency, labor office or a headhunter, and recruit for an external client, a CRM will help you in managing all activities related to particular clients. That includes all contacts, recruitment processes and actions that involve them. If you have many clients for which you run many projects simultaneously, a CRM allows you to generate reports, giving you a full picture of each posting.

    Invite clients to co-recruit

    If you run a recruitment agency or are a headhunter, Traffit allows you to share selected candidate profiles with your clients and ask them to help you in making the final decision. It is much easier and safer than sending resumes via email!

    Build client expertise

    Having the statistics in the CRM module of your ATS gives you knowledge about your clients that you can use to upsell. Analyze their conversion funnel, candidate rejection reasons, etc. to see where they make mistakes. In other words: use the CRM to build your expertise of their business and use this knowledge in a consulting capacity.

    Measure team efficiency

    A CRM module allows you to easily track all the interactions between particular recruiters on your team and your customers. It allows you to measure conversion and the execution of the KPI’s – without nagging your team all the time.

    Manage your departments

    You can use the CRM module to manage your internal teams. You can put different departments of your company as clients in your ATS and track their performance, generate reports, and so on.

    Save on tools

    An ATS with CRM is a great solution because you don’t need to implement more tools and spend time and resources training your staff on how to use them. Why would you want to buy a separate CRM if you can have it as a part of your key tool – ATS?


    As you can see, using a CRM module with your ATS will greatly improve the efficiency of your work. But don’t look for an external solution – try Traffit that successfully combines an ATS with a CRM!

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