How to create an application form that will do the job?

Application form – is it difficult to create one? Technically no. All you need is a good ATS and it can take less than a minute. However, before you even start – it’s worth giving it some thought. Seemingly small things can make it much harder for you to get and manage applications. Let me […]

Build a Career Page in 5 minutes with new TRAFFIT generator.

Our core mission is to help you find more candidates and automate your work. In the past, we did many things to help recruiters accomplish those goals. One of the tools to help them with that was our Career Page Generator. But, as we strive for more — we wanted it to be better. So, […]

How to build a work culture that attracts top employees

The following article is written by Dean Mathews, the founder and CEO of OnTheClock, an employee time tracking app. Thanks for contributing to our blog! Successful companies are built on a foundation of great talent—but a strong external employer brand means nothing for attracting top talent if it doesn’t align with your company’s internal culture. […]

The HR trends for 2021: experts’ insights and tips

Every year brings different challenges, but the year 2020 certainly brought many more difficulties than the last couple of years. Due to the pandemic, all kinds of industries, including HR, change diametrically. Employees, employers, and recruiters experience some disruptions as well as opportunities. We’ve collected opinions from experts from all over the world on HR […]

The role of L&D in attracting and recruiting new hires

The following article is written by Barbara Trepkowska – Content Manager at HCM Deck. Thanks for contributing to our blog! Various studies reveal that the greatest modern organizations need qualified staff, knowledge, and efficient leaders to achieve high financial results. All these goals can be met thanks to centralized Learning & Development schemes. Effective L&D […]

All You Need to Know About the Exit Interview

Part of a pleasant offboarding experience is to give the departing employee a chance to discuss the motives behind their decision and to share their experiences at the company. An exit interview accomplishes both of these things while allowing you to gain valuable information that will help you to lower the chances of other employees […]

All You Need to Know About Employee Benefits

You may not know it, but the greatest asset that your company has is its employees. So, for your business to become and stay successful, you’ll need to invest in your team. Great work perks are one of the keys to maintaining a happy and productive workforce. Of course, there are several benefits required by […]

How to Offboard an Outgoing Employee Gracefully

Companies tend to pay close attention to the onboarding process – welcoming and introducing new hires to the organization. However, people rarely spend their entire lives at one company, and sooner or later they will leave. What then? If they didn’t mess things up big time, the process of their departure from the company should […]

Career Page Generator: 6 Reasons You Should Use It

Most companies have a Career page on their website, where they list the benefits of working for the company and announce their current openings. Managing it usually requires assistance from the IT department which can be troublesome. That’s why some ATS-es – including Traffit – offer a career page generator. What are the benefits of […]