It takes only two candidates to find your next hire.​

59% of referred candidates get hired.

Why should you use a referral program?

Faster processes
67% of recruiters and employers say their time to fill was shortened. 55% of referred candidates are hired faster than candidates recruited by other means.
59% of referred candidates were hired! (based on 2 542 processes from TRAFFIT system, Q1 and Q2 2022).
Quality applications
48% of businesses say that their number one source for hiring quality candidates is referrals from current employees.
Higher retention
studies show that employees referred by existing employees stay in the company longer than those who were hired from other sources.
Cheaper recruitments
51% said it lowered costs when recruiting via referrals. huntoo can work on a success fee – pay for candidates who got hired.
Passive candidates
reach passive candidates that are out of your radar.

Internal referral program means

Easier onboarding

for both you and the new candidate – a recommended candidate probably already knows a lot about the company and the way it works

Team ownership

your employees will feel they have a real influence on building and expanding their team

Employee advocacy

use your employees activity in social media for getting valuable applications

Culture fit

gain candidates with better culture fit

What is huntoo?

huntoo manages candidate referring – both from employees and external folks. All recommended candidates go to TRAFFIT ATS, where you can focus on selection.

Why huntoo?

It’s integrated with TRAFFIT – you don’t need any additional procedures! The recommended candidate uses the application form you have already created for the job. Thanks to huntoo, you can improve your candidate experience!

As a part of TRAFFIT it doesn’t need any implementation – one click and it’s ready!

Even if the referred candidates aren’t hired, their profile stays in your talent pool. Just tag them in the ATS and get back to them when you have a new vacancy to fill!

Smooth source analysis – you’ll see not only the number of applications from referrals, but also the conversion of this source in TRAFFIT.

Recommended candidates jump into your process, just like candidates from all the other sources.
Referral option will be also visible when the job is posted on your career page!

Book a demo!

TRAFFIT Team will show you how huntoo works

How to start?

Get TRAFFIT in Elite plan & activate huntoo
Define bonuses in the ATS
Decide: internal or external referrals? Or maybe both?
Post a job with a referral option on huntoo
Enjoy your new source of applications!