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Get the story behind the numbers, find out what works for you and master your recruitment process.

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Get to know the data analytics process step by step. Later, count the most important metrics following our practical exercises. Everything is explained – also how you can drive insights from your data.

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Take a look at our four case studies. They cover topics from aligning the recruitments with business goals, using analytics to plan company development, setting and amending your metrics, and choosing metrics set to find areas for improvement.

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Getting a tangible impact
on the metrics

Martyna Żabnicka


Psychologist with over six years of experience in HR. 
She started her professional journey as an IT Recruitment Specialist and now she's 
a Recruitment Team Leader at Deviniti. 
She's passionate about making processes more accessible and efficient. Currently on a quest 
of deepening the knowledge of data analytics in HR.

Analytics in context –
what’s your goal?

Konrad Zabłocki

Focus Telecom Polska

Konrad is a graduate of English Studies at Warsaw University, holds a BA diploma in HR Management 
from Kozminski University as well as an MA diploma 
in Clinical Psychology from ANSiH. His professional experience covers executive search practice, recruitment leadership, training, coaching, facilitation and Human Capital function management for both domestic and international organizations.


Anna Sykut


Helping recruiters in improving their hiring processes for more than 5 years now. Sharing knowledge and advocating for candidate-focused recruiting. A close labor market and HR trends observer. Numbers enthusiast and an economist by profession.

Recruitment analytics for
company growth

Ilona Niziołek


She has been associated with .BespokeChat since 2016, where she has been working as a Talent Manager for several years. She loves working with people. She believes that the well-being of employees can significantly increase their results, so she daily implements new solutions that make it possible. Privately, a fan of rock music and fantasy novels.

Recruitment data
analysis in TRAFFIT

Anika Osmólska


People and Culture Manager at TRAFFIT with 
a mission to create a friendly and developmental workplace. She wants to educate other organizations that an employee is first and foremost a human being and the company's greatest value. Taking care of HR and recruitment processes as well as organizational culture is something that gives her great satisfaction. Privately, a lover of baking and travelling.

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