Chief Marketing Officer

Starting recruitment for Chief Marketing Officer position?
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Are you starting your recruiting process for the position of CMO or Marketing Director in your company and wondering how to start creating a job offer? We’re here to help. We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you below, which will help you understand what CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is responsible for. Once you have got to know it, feel free to use our job offer template as a whole or as an inspiration in your recruitment.

Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for management of all marketing activities in the organization. CMO is responsible for the work of marketing departments and the company’s marketing strategy. The equivalent of this position may be the Marketing Director.

Role in the organization:

If you have unlimited amounts of creativity, are not afraid of data analysis and strategy development, and have knowledge about various aspects of marketing – you can be the person we are looking for. If you are also a born leader and are contagious with your optimism – apply for the position of CMO to our company. We will be happy to meet you.

Our requirements:

  • proven experience in a similar position
  • experience in creating strategies and plans in all marketing areas
  • analytical skills
  • strategic thinking
  • understanding of market trends and data analysis methods
  • knowledge of various branches of business
  • experience in being a leader, charisma
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • knowledge of the English language

Your responsibilities:

  • creating a marketing strategy that supports the overall goals of the organization
  • developing marketing plans and supervising their implementation
  • tracking marketing trends and analyzing them in terms of effectiveness for the organization
  • cooperation with other departments to maintain consistency of activities
  • design and coordination of PR / marketing activities
  • creating and managing a marketing team
  • reporting your work


  • the opportunity to develop and improve your competences within interesting projects
  • work in a well-coordinated team of specialists in their field
  • great freedom in making decisions
  • working with the most modern toolset
  • team integration events and endless coffee and tea

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