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Are you recruiting for the position of Social Media Specialist?

Are you starting your recruiting process for the position of Social Media Specialist in your company and wondering how to start creating a job offer? We’re here to help. We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you below, which will help you understand what a Social Media Specialist is responsible for. Once you have got to know it, feel free to use our job offer template as a whole or as an inspiration in your recruitment.

What does a Social Media Specialist ?

Social Media Specialist is responsible for creating and administering content in all social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in order to build an audience and ensure customer engagement.

Role in the organization:

Your friends must hide the fact that they are on Facebook at work, but you want to be paid for it? No problem! We are looking for a Social Media Specialist to join our harmonious team, who will take care of our social media and participate in building our marketing strategy. If you are an experienced specialist and are familiar with the topics of online marketing – apply!

Our requirements:

  • at least two years of experience in a similar position
  • proven experience in running social media for business
  • ease of creating texts and the ability to create attractive content (photos, graphics) on social media
  • ability to use social media channels in business
  • knowledge of the latest trends in online marketing
  • creativity
  • goal-oriented and positive attitude
  • higher education in the field of the subject
  • knowledge of the English language

Your responsibilities:

  • creating communication and content strategies for social media channels
  • creating and publishing posts in social media
  • creating high-quality content for social media channels (texts, graphics, photos)
  • building commitment and attracting new potential customers / followers
  • verification and optimization of conducted activities
  • competition monitoring
  • taking care of the quality of tasks performed


  • the opportunity to develop and improve your competences within interesting projects
  • work in a well-coordinated team of specialists in their field
  • great freedom in making decisions
  • working with the most modern toolset
  • team integration events and endless coffee and tea

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