Recruitment toolbox

Plug the hiring system into your workflow

Build it around you with integrations
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How does it work?

1. Recruitment system

2. Integration, Zapier or API

3. Other tools

Faster work

Automation saves you time and effort. You'll notice it in various forms:
- unnecessary clicks,
- creating events in calendar or pushing data manually into other tools,
- constant context switching.
Ultimately, you can focus on candidates, and not tedious tasks.

Extended possibilities

Implementing a recruitment system changes the way you recruit.
Gearing it up with integrations is a whole new world.
Plug in your daily tools together and boost your efficacy.

Up-to-date data where you need it

It's more than saving you a few clicks here and here. With automation, you don't have to think about updating info in other tools, like calendar or project management list. This helps you keep your work in order.

Straight from TRAFFIT

Create a Career page
Show your team and all your openings. A few minutes, no coding, and a good-looking page – at your fingertips.
Schedule interviews in no time
Share your availability with candidates via scheduler: just share a link and let them choose the time slot. See it immediately in your calendar.
Get notifications in your chat tool
Let TRAFFIT ping you on Slack or Teams whenever you get a new candidate.
Sync your mailbox and calendar
Connect your Google or Office 365 account, or use IMAP to synchronize your TRAFFIT account with chosen folders from your mailbox.
Share offers with one click
Publish your job offers on multiple job boards, straight from your recruitment system.
Add links to videocalls
Automatically create links to meetings on Google Meet or Teams.

via Zapier

Lead recruitment surveys
Evaluate your recruitment with satisfaction surveys. Learn what your candidates like and what can be better!
Track time spent on hiring projects
If you get paid for time spent on projects, time tracking tool is a must-have. Connect it and create new projects from the recruitment system!
Send candidate newsletter
Add your candidates to a special newsletter. Keep them up to date with the newest openings in your company!
Exchange data with spreadsheets
Update data in your recruitment system or in spreadsheets. Work on them as you prefer.
Create tasks in project management tools
Works great with onboarding checklists! Start new lists for each hired candidate – automatically.

via API

Send offers to your domain site
Do you have a Career page on your domain? Connect it via API and get your offers uploaded with one click.
Share access to your clients
If you don't want to set up a free hiring manager account for your clients, you can share access via API. It's secure and reliable.
Use webhooks to customize your integrations
Webhooks let your tools communicate with precision, even when they don't support Zapier.
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