Employer branding

Employer branding – show what's unique about you

Attract the right people with your culture.
No credit card required

Show what kind of employer you are​

Career page​

Tell the story of your company. Show what's special about working with you. Mention the most important values.With TRAFFIT, creating your career page is a piece of cake.
Choose fonts, colors, add graphics and videos, and tell your story. Do you need more? Use our API, styles and scripts.

Job offers and application forms​

Take care of your first touchpoint with the candidate. Adjust the looks of your offers and forms to your company. Ensure a coherent message and test various versions!​

Employee advocacy​

Let your employees promote new offers. Thanks to huntoo, employees can recommend their friends for open positions – without hassle.​

Branded email communication​

Keep the consistency with your company's templates. Cover how they look and sound, and speed up your work!​

Use the impact of your employer brand

Ongoing recruitments
Even if you're not hiring soon, you can keep an ongoing process to expand your talent pool. Make use of your brand and encourage people to apply for future positions.
Plus, you can observe peaks in applications and compare them with your employer branding activities.
Source analytics
Analyze application sources and separate campaigns with UTM tags. It lets you compare results of your recruitment marketing activities.
Use this data to find the most effective application sources and assess how strong is your employer brand.
In-depth page analytics
Add Google Analytics, Hotjar, or any other tool that helps you understand how candidates act on your page and what catches their attention.
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