Recruitment customization

Recruitment system made to fit you

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Flexible recruitment system means...

You're in control
Reflect your organizational structure. Set up permissions for each role, actions they can take and data they can access.
Faster work
Fit the system to your needs and save time on:
  • sending manual emails that can be automated,
  • searching your talent pool,
  • publishing job offers,
  • analyzing processes and getting insights.
  • Adjusting to the situation, not the tool
    Set up your processes according to the recruitment you plan – with flexibility. Create process templates and save them for later use.
    Better candidate experience
    Let your recruitment system support you in boosting the candidate experience, instead of getting in your way.
    Create attractive job offers, simple application forms, and automated, personalized communication.

    Recruitment process, your way:

    Set up candidate profile and recruitment details
    Define important data about your candidates that you want to store in TRAFFIT. Adjust candidate and recruitment lists – each field can be used as a filter.
    Choose your workflow
    Running diverse hiring projects with the same workflow isn't optimal. We fix it.
    Set up a reusable workflow for any type of hiring. Add stages, dictionaries, and email automation. Later, save them for the future use.
    Customize the job offer
    Make your offer attractive and coherent with your brand. Add sections you need. Use fonts, colors, and graphics you want. Plus, make the most of additional modifications with ready-to-use scripts.
    Create a simple application form
    The shorter, the better. Ask for you don't find in a CV or LinkedIn profile, like availability. Let your system fetch the rest with CV parser and LinkedIn sourcing plugin.
    Process applications
    Get notifications for new applications and other events that you chose. Cooperate with the team by tagging them and sharing candidates' profiles. Tag and assess candidates, and add them to Talents. Build your talent pool for future hiring projects.
    Analyze and optimize
    Track detailed data you need. Our basic reports cover most cases. You can always buy additional reports, tailored to your needs. Got a long wish list? Custom plan might be for you. We'll help you implement your idea.
    Click through on your own for free for 14 days
    See TRAFFIT in action for yourself. Get to know our Pro plan features, run recruitment with exemplary data, and take time to make your decision.
    Let us show you around the system in 30 min
    Tell us about your challenges, and we’ll show you the most interesting options. From getting more candidates to boosting candidate experience – what do you want to know?