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Simplify the sourcing process

Try out recruitment sourcing tools.
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Boost your sourcing process

Easier sourcing on LinkedIn

The sourcing extension for LinkedIn quickly imports candidate's profile to TRAFFIT (and shows you if they're already in your talent pool).

Search through your talent pool

Easily look up your talent pool with advanced filters. Create filter sets, save and share them with your team.TRAFFIT helps you squeeze the most of the talent pool, creating a list of suggested candidates for each open position.

Quick result analysis

Learn what worked (and what didn't) to improve your future recruitment processes. Check which sources bring the best candidates, and get data for an in-depth analysis!

Build your talent pool with spontaneous application form

No open roles doesn't mean you stop recruiting.

Keep your applications incoming and grow your talent pool. Whenever you need to hire, this constant recruitment brings candidates willing to talk with you.

Managing your candidates

Create an always-opened role and describe it clearly. Later on, tag received applications so you find them quickly.

We run it, too! See our example:

Different application ways, one candidate profile

Application form
The easiest way to send the application – for you and your candidate. Add your own questions, and keep it short and sweet. Ask for files and required consents.
Email import
Add candidates who send their resumes via email with one click! Integrate your mailbox with TRAFFIT and create profiles based on message with the resume.
CV parser
Getting CVs as a PDF file? Our CV parser creates and fills in candidates' profiles straight from the file. Update your talent pool without manual typing!
Leverage the power of your employees' network with a referral program. huntoo is integrated with TRAFFIT and easy to run!
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