Rejection – recruitment closed without employment

This recruiting email template will help you build communication in your recruitment process. Get inspired, adjust it to reflect your company spirit, and get back to candidates in a professional way – and way faster.

Use below e-mail template in your recruitment process
Rejection – recruitment closed without employment
To: Candidate
Subject: Thank you for your time - let's stay in touch!

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					<p>Hi <span>[NAME]</span>,</p>

<p>Thank you for your interest and your time in applying for the position <span>[POSITION NAME}</span></p>

<p>In the end, we decided to abandon this recruitment process and not hire a new person for this position. Nonetheless, we would like to thank you for the interview and the time you managed to give us.</p>

<p>Your application made a positive impression on us, so please visit our Careers page <span>[LINK TO CAREER PAGE] </span>from time to time, where we publish new positions. If there is something that better suits your qualifications and experience, we strongly encourage you to apply again.</p>

<p>We wish you good luck in your further job search.</p>