This recruiting email template will help you build communication in your recruitment process. Get inspired, adjust it to reflect your company spirit, and get back to candidates in a professional way – and way faster.

Use below e-mail template in your recruitment process
To: Candidate
Subject: Thank you for your time - keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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					<p>Hi <span>[NAME]</span>  </p>

<p>Thank you very much for your application to <span>[COMPANY NAME]</span> in the role of <span>[JOB NAME]</span>
At this time I can't move you forward in our recruitment process because  in our recruitment process we have a number of candidates with a stronger experience in <span>[SKILL]</span> .</p>

<p>I really valued your overall experience and knowledge, however <span>[SKILL]</span> is a very strong area of the role. I am sure you would improve this over time, but having a candidate who
starts with strong <span>[SKILL]</span> is a big plus for us. </p>

<p>Thank you so so much for your application to <span>[COMPANY NAME]</span> and I wish you luck in your future recruitments. </p>