9 HR tools for boosting productivity

Nowadays, every part of the business is supported by tools. Useful software enables companies to save time and money, as well as creates new
Nina Kozlowska
Nina Kozlowska
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    Nowadays, every part of the business is supported by tools. Useful software enables companies to save time and money, as well as creates new opportunities. The HR industry is fast-growing and filled with platforms designed to make your life easier and help you boost productivity. Read on to learn which tools might be useful for your HR team. 

    How to choose an HR tool?

    First things first. Let’s take a minute to discuss what to look for in an HR system. 

    Define your team’s needs

    Start with identifying the pain points of your workflow and problems that need to be solved. You probably don’t need every tool listed below, as it depends on your organization’s size and specifics. Evaluate your HR processes to find out how much time given tasks require and what should be optimized. 

    Don’t expect software to be all-in-one 

    Look for solutions that aren’t designed to solve all of your issues. Be realistic; one tool can’t fix everything. With precisely defined requirements, you’ll know exactly what you need, so don’t compromise it by settling up with medium solutions. It’s more beneficial to use more platforms but specialized in the given area. 

    Check out integration options for HR tools

    Your HR systems should be easy to integrate with other solutions. That way, you can automatically synchronize your data and save more time. 

    Pay attention to security matters 

    HR data is sensitive. You can’t risk employees’ and candidates’ privacy. As you store the data, you’re responsible for it. Make sure the tools you’re going to use are aligned with security standards and law (among other GDPR). 

    Look for automation 

    The new technologies provide automation in many fields. When it comes to the HR industry, automation can be crucial for productivity. One of the most tedious tasks in HR can be communication. Automated emails can save you a lot of time that you can spend on vital tasks. Automation also minimizes mistakes, as machines can be more accurate than humans, for example, while transferring data. 

    Select an intuitive HR tool

    Last but not least, make sure to choose easy-to-use software. Otherwise, you might end up with too complicated systems and slow down your workflow instead of boosting it. User-friendly platforms will increase employee productivity and satisfaction as they avoid user frustration. 

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    9 handy tools for HR teams

    Human resource management is actually a complex task and requires a comprehensive strategy and a set of the right tools. Check out our proposition of HR toolbox:

    For fast and effective recruitment

    Traffit is an applicant tracking system. One of its most useful features is hiring workflow, which enables designing optimal recruitment processes. By adding automatic actions, such as sending an email or scheduling a meeting to a calendar, you can save time and focus on the more significant tasks. You can invite Hiring Managers to use Traffit for free so that they can review multiple candidates in one place and deliver feedback faster. Moreover, Traffit provides a CRM system and talent pool. It’s suitable for internal HR teams as well as recruitment agencies. 

    For automated sourcing

    Emplocity is a platform that provides a Facebook Messenger chatbot (Emplobot) for sourcing candidates 24/7. You can integrate it seamlessly in less than 5 minutes and start chatting with potential employees. The Emplobot collects relevant information from your website visitors, e.g., professional experience, skill set, languages, and salary expectations. This data is then processed and matched to your job postings. To invite candidates to interviews, you just need to swipe. 

    For improving employer branding

    Hypercare is a tool that enables sending video messages. That way, you can engage your candidates and build an emotional relationship with the best talents. In the video, you can walk candidates through your hiring process and explain it stage by stage. Videos might be a great idea to attract more applicants and decrease recruitment costs. You can use Hypercare also after successful recruitments for pre-onboarding, knowledge-sharing, and internal communication. Take advantage of the ready-to-use templates, customize them with your videos, and start right away. 

    For managing payrolls

    QuickBooks is online payroll software. It provides solutions for all kinds of businesses, so it can be beneficial for small companies and huge organizations. You can access QuickBooks via browser, desktop, or mobile app. By setting up reminders to run payroll, file taxes, and submit forms., you’ll never miss a deadline again. In addition, QuickBooks provides reporting features for analyzing the past months and better planning.  

    For managing people

    Calamari contains two modules – time tracking and leave management. Employees can clock-in and clock-out in many ways, such as slack, mobile app, or even via innovative iBeacons. No action is required, only a mobile phone with the Calamari app for each of your employees. Calamari, another feature is an online time-off manager, which allows you to automate PTO calculation and helps to manage holidays in your company. You can integrate it with Google Apps, Slack, Jira, and more. 

    For managing talents

    HCM Deck is a complex platform for Talent Management and L&D for vast organizations. It supports communication at every stage of work, providing solutions for onboarding, learning and development, talent management, offboarding, and outplacement. Thanks to hybrid team support, automation, digitization, and insightful analytics, you can boost your employees’ skills and knowledge sharing. As managing talents is an important part of HR tasks, you might need a comprehensive software that will help you discover and enhance talents in your company. 

    For performance management

    Hoopla is an HR tool that helps in motivating employees. Thanks to gamification, you can boost productivity and build a company culture at the same time. Hoopla provides solutions, especially for sales teams, contact centers, and remote employees, but every kind of company can benefit from motivation in an interesting way. Transparent leaderboards, engaging contests, real-time newsflashes, and streaming channels might be what your team needs to achieve better results at work. 

    For managing the company’s budget

    BudgetBee is an innovative application supporting company budget and benefits for employees management, based on the participatory budget system. An employee transfers funds into employers’ virtual accounts. Then, they take the initiative and clearly co-decide on the company’s budget and benefits, as well as manage funds, e.g., for training. That way, you can provide benefits that your employees really want. Every team member can be an influencer and start their own goal to achieve what’s important for them. 

    For managing benefits

    Gusto is a solution for building the right benefits package for your team. The Gusto Wallet app makes financial health a reality for your employees. They can manage their paychecks, save money, access emergency cash, and more. The right benefits might be crucial for candidates while they’re applying for a job. Gusto can help you craft the right plan for your team and your budget. 

    Wrap-up on HR tools

    As you can see, there are plenty of tools on the market, and each of them might be useful. Identify your pain points and choose software that can help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, most of the solutions provide free trials so that you can make sure it’s the right choice for you and your organization. 

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