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Recruitment process
July 11, 2023

Hiring top talent using an applicant tracking system without a job board integration is like: 🛶  paddling a kayak with…

Recruitment process
July 4, 2023

Meet Joanne, a startup founder. Even though a sustainable app she is working on has the potential, she needs to…

Candidate experience  Recruitment process  Talent acquisition
June 19, 2023

“AI will take jobs away from all software engineers and IT professionals.” — if you hang around LinkedIn, you can…

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Free job description templates you can use during your next hiring process.
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46 min 44 sec
Do you qualify your inbound leads? Do you need live calls to give your leads value? Recording from Mick Griffin’s webinar
1h 25min
Watch the webinar performed by Anna Sykut and Anika Osmólska from TRAFFIT in collaboration with Aurelia Alexoaei (Community Manager at Scoala de HR – Romanian HR community)
48 min 54 sec
TRAFFIT webinar from November 2022 performed by Anna Sykut (Chief Evangelist) and Jarek Piotrowski (Product Manager).


22 min 05 sec
During presentation Mick Griffin shows you how at Traffit, we narrowed our target audience and generated 5 times more growth than the year before.
20 min 28 sec
Learn how at Traffit we empowered all our team members by giving them access to the same information as the CEO, and all the power they need to achieve their goals.

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