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9 min
Do you still type in manually each message sent to your candidates? Check what recruiting email templates have to offer and automate your communication.
3 min
How often do you lose candidates even before you manage to set up an interview with them? A surprising 60% of the recruiters know
45 min 58 sec
Recording from our webinar on June 13th, for a discussion about how to start nurturing your rejected candidates without breaking the bank.

Free job description templates you can use during your next hiring process.

Utilize these free email templates during your next hiring process.

This webinar was performed on the 9th of June 2021 by: Mick Griffin – Chief Growth officer in Traffit.com | Anna Sykut – Chief Evangelist in Traffit.com | Guillaume Palvadeau – Partnership Manager in Talent.com



Listen to Mick talking with interesting HR specialists and find out how to overcome challenges.​



Mick talks with non-HR specialists – see what insights you can take from them.​

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