Listen to Mick talking with interesting HR specialists and find out how to overcome challenges.

39 min 13 sec
In episode 9 of #insideHR, Mick talks with Róża Szafranek - Founder of HR Hints podcast about all things Startup.
42 min 07 sec
In episode #8 of insideHR with Paulina Maslich of we are talking about the concept of Real time HR. We all know Real time Marketing, but does your HR team react the same. How quickly did you alter your recruitment process, or employee development to adapt to Covid?
36 min 15 sec
In episode #6 we are talking about how to build your self worth and confidence internally with your HR team! I'm joined today by Laura Mazzullo. Owner of East Side Staffing and HR Recruiter specializing in the placement of experienced HR professionals.
39 min 36 sec
Tomek Jurek, the Head of People at Future Mind shares with us what life as a 'Head of People' looks like. What will you know after it?
25 min 55 sec
When is the right time for your business to use a recruitment agency? Are they too expensive? Do they just push as many CVs as possible? In episode #3 of InsideHR we talk with industry leader Kasia Michalak of Bee Talents about how her IT Recruitment Agency has become so much more than finding good candidates, and why some businesses have a bad impression of traditional agencies.
23 min 24 sec
Are you familiar with the term of Sourcing? Is it just a fancy new word for Headhunting or recruiting? InsideHR episode #2 is with Kasia Tang, Recruiting and Sourcing Coach as she tells us exactly how this is different and that so many people are already sourcing and don't know it yet. A great episode not to be missed.
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