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Recruit on many fronts

Compare the efficiency of job boards

Make sure each candidate gets the same level of brilliant experience with each message you send. Personalized templates help you keep the consistency.

Use the potential of your talent pool

Easily look up your talent pool with advanced filters. Create filter sets, save and share them with your team.TRAFFIT helps you squeeze the most of the talent pool, creating a list of suggested candidates for each open position.

Ask for candidate recommendations

Referrals make one of the most efficient candidate sources. Develop your candidate referral program and analyze its effects.

Build long-term relationships

Today’s juniors soon will get more qualified, and IT is famous for frequent changes of employer. Take care of each candidate’s experience, even when they don’t get hired right now.

Optimize the recruitments to perfection

Analyze process efficiency

Find improvement ideas in your reports. Identify bottlenecks, the most common rejection reasons, and the average time on stage for candidates. Observe the effects of implemented changes.

Quicker process = more gains

In your industry, you often need to fight for specialists. A quick process is your ally – you’ll lose less candidates along the way and reduce the costs of not having a specialist on board. Additionally, analytics and alternative candidate sources will save you a lot of time and money.

Adjust TRAFFIT to your needs

Use the advanced API to connect the system with any other tool and upgrade information flow. Styles and scripts let you squeeze more of your offers and application forms.

Work together with your team

Get your hiring managers on board

Share chosen parts of your recruitments with your hiring managers. Let them assess the candidates’ profiles from all or selected stages. Gather the feedback inside the system and show them the perks from an efficient collaboration – with data.

Support collaborative hiring

Leave notes and tag other users on candidates’ profiles. Cover absences and pick up the conversation where it ended with messages history on the profile.

Flexible contracts

Monthly billing
You can choose annual (with 20% off!) or monthly billing, and there’s no need to sign up for X months upfront. We keep it flexible.​
Transparent pricing​
No hidden fees. If any service is paid additionally (like custom reports or extended support from our side), you’ll know about it earlier.​
Free accounts for all users
Boost your cooperation. Let them see the application, get email notifications, and leave feedback directly on candidate’s profile.
Flexible options​
Choose from plans that differ in terms of features and the number of open recruitments in the package. We can prepare a Custom Plan that suits your needs!