Small and medium teams

Attract matching candidates

and hire quickly with our recruitment system.
No credit card required

Draw candidates' attention

Publish offers on various job boards
Add your offer to various job boards with one click. Share it on social media.
Go loud!
Show what's unique about your company
Show the perks of working with you on Career page. Explain your culture, share employees' thoughts on the company, and make your perfect candidates think "That's the place!".
Optimize application acquisition cost
Look for sources that constantly bring best matches. TRAFFIT helps you check it and decide where to pour your money.
Use the power of candidate referrals
Ask your employees and network for candidates. It's a cheap and efficient application source – your employees will recommend only people they'd like to work with.

Focus on efficacy

Start the recruitment in minutes

Open the process as soon as you need it. Use saved workflows, offers, and application forms. Adjust them to the opening and act!

Your recruitments = your way of working

Connect easily TRAFFIT with other tools used in your company. Send data between them and save yourself work. Use notifications – as soon as recruitments need your attention, you'll find out the way that fits you.

Cooperate smoothly with others

Grab attention with an interesting job offer. Stand out from the crowd with candidate experience. Come up with a simple way of application and ensure a quick, high-quality communication.

Avoid candidate ghosting

Faster communication with automated messages

Send out automated messages when your candidates are moved to another stage. Use templates that fill in the information from the candidate profile. Create a set of rejection reasons and inform the rejected candidates why they didn't make it – automatically.

Make sure your candidates don't wait for too long

Set time limits for each stage. Get notifications if some candidates stay there for too long – no need for manual checking.

Flexible contracts

Monthly billing
You can choose annual (with 20% off!) or monthly billing, and there's no need to sign up for X months upfront. We keep it flexible.​
Transparent pricing​
No hidden fees. If any service is paid additionally (like custom reports or extended support from our side), you'll know about it earlier.​
Free accounts for hiring managers
Boost your cooperation. Let them see the application, get email notifications, and leave feedback directly on candidate's profile.
Flexible options​
Choose from two plans with different feature sets or go for an individual offer for bigger teams. Pay only for recruiters' seats and change them when needed.
Click through on your own for free for 14 days
See TRAFFIT in action for yourself. Get to know our Pro plan features, run recruitment with exemplary data, and take time to make your decision.
Let us show you around the system in 30 min
Tell us about your challenges, and we’ll show you the most interesting options. From getting more candidates to boosting candidate experience – what do you want to know?