We plant a tree
for every new user

Carbon emissions is a global challenge we face together.

As we reach our mission to give recruiters the tools they require to hire their future colleagues, we do not lose sight that with each new Traffit user, there is more carbon emissions generated.  

Therefore Traffit is now committed to offsetting carbon emissions by planting a tree for every new Traffit user created.

What emissions do our users generate?

At Traffit, the majority of our carbon footprint is generated by our server usage. We are constantly working on making very detailed breakdowns of this usage (we are admittedly not experts yet in this field), however for now we have some estimates and we didn’t want to wait to get started on paying it back. 

So far we know that each new Traffit users requires 1.3 Watts per hour in energy. Generating approximately 1 gram of CO2 per hour. If we move this to a weekly total it looks like this.

218 Watts per week = 163 Grams of CO2 per week.

How do we plan to offset our emissions?

Traffit will plant a new tree for every single trial account our users create

With the help of our trusted partner, Traffit will plant a tree for each new user added to our system. This tree will be planted in the name of the user, so we can together raise awareness around the challenge of carbon emissions.

Each tree planted will consume 6kg of carbon emissions per year.

As each Traffit users generates 163g of carbon per week, each tree we plant will cover their usage of Traffit for 36 weeks.

Therefore every 36 weeks, we will plant another tree in the name of our user for the lifetime of their account with us. Ensuring that for as long as they work with Traffit, they will be carbon neutral.

For the first phase of our sustainability, our trees will be planted in the Slaskie region of southern Poland.

Personalized Certification

Each tree we plant is dedicated to the user who signed up to use Traffit. The user will get a personalized certification and a link to understand more about where the tree will be planted, and what effect it will have on the region. 

To learn more about our partner Posadzimy, Traffit has a dedicated page you can visit here

What is next?

Our current initiative ensures that all our new users will be at least carbon neutral. At Traffit, we now are starting to work on the strategy to ensure our entire business achieves carbon neutrality. We will be investigating various ways to achieve this such as planting more trees, using renewable energy and making our energy usage more efficient. We hope to update you soon with our overall strategy and the time line in which we hope to achieve this. In the mean time, we hope our steps towards this goal will encourage other tech companies to do the same. For all our futures. 

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