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Everyone is telling you that it’s about time you find that one and only. You hear that from your colleagues – both male and
Anna Sykut
Anna Sykut
Chief Evangelist in TRAFFIT
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    Everyone is telling you that it’s about time you find that one and only. You hear that from your colleagues – both male and female – and even your boss insists on you starting the search. But you tried that some many times in the past, and each time it was so hard to find that perfect candidate…

    Here at Traffit we know how hard it can get and we’re totally with you on that one. There are things we aren’t able to do for you – for example describing the perfect candidate; you will have to do it on your own. But we can help you to find that person. How? We have our ways 😉

    1.We Will Tell You Where to Look for Them.

    If you go to the statistics of your Traffit account, you will find an analysis of the application sources. It will show you the most efficient sources of your candidates, and will tell you how many of these stories have ended happily.

    Take advantage of your experiences and stop looking for candidates in places where you rarely find anyone. Focus your energy on the sources that are most promising. It will save you time, money – and will spare you the disappointment.

    2. We Will Help You Make the Preselection.

    No two candidates are the same. Some are very promising, they have that ‘thing’ and seem to be perfect, others – have no magic and couldn’t be more remote from what you’re hoping to find. But if you’re attractive (and you sure are!), you are going to attract a lot of interest from all of them. So make a preselection as their application are incoming using the Like/Dislike icon. This will help you filter those that don’t match your criteria and you will no longer need to think about them:


    But if a candidate has truly amazed you at first sight, you can mark them with the heart icon. In this way you’ll remember to pay closer attention to their application and invite them to an interview. Who knows, maybe there is a story to be written about you two!


    But wait, there’s more!

    You can also rate the candidates as you would in a talent show. Once you get familiar with them, go through the initial phone interview or even the live interview, rate them on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. It’s going to be much easier for you to get back to those candidates who have enchanted you later on:

    3. We Will Tell You How Compatible You Two Are.

    Your ideal candidate can be described with a number of keywords (tags) – what he or she can do, what he or she has experienced, what he or she is good at, and so on. If you define desired tags for your recruitment, Traffit will look for them in each of the existing and new applications. Depending on the number of tags found and their context, it will generate a list of candidates with a percentage value of their compatibility with your requirements, in a descending order:

    4. We Will Not Allow You to Overlook Anyone.

    Life surprises us and sometimes things are not working out as we hoped for them. We’re thinking then ‘maybe in another life’, and we stop keeping in touch with each other. But we do keep their number. And time goes by, the circumstances change, and suddenly we’re looking for a new person – yet we don’t think of those we’ve already met.

    Well, you no longer need to. Traffit stays alert for you and as soon as it notices that a candidate from the past meets your criteria, it will tell you about it. So have another look at them, maybe this is their moment! You know what they say: sometimes the darkest place is under the candle…


    In this special day we want to assure you: your ideal candidate is out there! Your search can be successful – all you need is a tool that will help you conduct it. Create your own 14-day free trial now and see for yourself!

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