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Our core mission is to help you find more candidates and automate your work. In the past, we did many things to help recruiters
Tomek Zapadka
Tomek Zapadka
Growth Marketing Manager at TRAFFIT.
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    Our core mission is to help you find more candidates and automate your work. In the past, we did many things to help recruiters accomplish those goals. One of the tools to help them with that was our Career Page Generator.

    But, as we strive for more — we wanted it to be better. So, here we are, presenting you the new version of our generator. How can it help you attract more applications?

    Why do you need a career page?

    The list of advantages that the career page gives you can go on and on. But let’s bring to your attention the three most important ones.

    1. Build your employer branding. Potential candidates want to know more about you, and the Career Page is a perfect carrier for your story.
    2. Attract more organic traffic. It’s not a big mystery that candidates find the companies and learn about them also through Google Search. Your career page will make a reliable source of information – and work for your SEO as well.
    3. Build better candidate experience. They will love you for that, as they can find all the essential details in one place. No kidding 😉

    In general — all three points above lead to one thing: GET YOU MORE CANDIDATES. So, let’s learn how we can help you create your Career Page 🙂

    5 minutes in TRAFFIT to your new Career Page.

    Drag&Drop Career Page Generator in TRAFFIT

    While redesigning interface of the Creator, we wanted to speed up your work. Now everything is more intuitive, so you can build your landing page for candidates in just 5 minutes!

    Easy to use drag & drop creator

    We simplified content blocks creation, and functions — all in one intuitive system.

    No need of technical knowledge

    You don’t have to learn to code or bother your IT team. Creating a Career Page is even simpler than building a LEGO. Just put together blocks of content and fill them with the right pieces of information.

    Integrate Career Page with your systems

    Are you using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other tools to measure your site performance? Or maybe you want to integrate the Career Page generated in our system with your website? Now, it’s a no-brainer. You can set it up right from our panel.

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    New features!

    If you thought it was only about the redesign — you clearly don’t know us 😉
    With a new version of the Career Page Generator, we brought to you new blocks of content and more personalization options.

    Benefits section

    New section in Career Page Generator in TRAFFIT: Benefits

    You can now list your benefits in a special section with adequate icons. Make your perks more visible to catch candidates’ attention.

    Quote section

    New section in Career Page Generator in TRAFFIT: Quotes

    Now, you can include a unique, designed by us quote section to showcase your employees’ opinions or share a message from your CEO.

    Better personalization

    Better Personalization in Career Page Generator in TRAFFIT

    Adjusting font size or theme color to fit your brand colors, are just some of the major changes, followed by many minor ones. All of them are meant to let you be more consistent with your brand.

    Header section

    We decided to give you more ways to personalize this section. That’s why we separated it from previous settings — to provide you with more control over your story.

    What about the rest?

    We worked on all the features you already know from TRAFFIT – like a listing of your current job openings or team presentation, gallery, CTA-s. All of them are improved and ready to serve you well.

    Just sign up for a free trial period, or log in to your account to check new possibilities.

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