Indeed and Jooble Integration: How Does Traffit Help Increase the Traffic to Your Career Page?

Traffit is much more than just an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). It provides you with your own candidate base — a place where you
Anna Sykut
Anna Sykut
Chief Evangelist in TRAFFIT
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    Traffit is much more than just an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). It provides you with your own candidate base — a place where you can gather candidate applications from all possible sources. You can also build traffic by publishing your Traffit application forms anywhere: on job sites, social media, or even by distributing them via email.

    However, we’ve decided to go further and help you boost the traffic to your Career page as well. To achieve that, we’ve partnered with the largest job search engines — Indeed and Jooble. Both services compile job advertisements and allow candidates to quickly apply either on the spot or by redirecting them to the Career pages of specific employers.

    Why Is It Worthwhile to Use This Integration?

    Indeed is the world’s largest job board. Each month it is visited over 400 million times by candidates from nearly 60 countries. Jooble, on the other hand, is visited 70 million times monthly.

    As a result, our integration with these services allows you to extend your reach and tap into a free source of traffic that will bring you a significant increase in new applications. Also, your presence on Indeed and Jooble will increase your brand awareness among those actively on the hunt for their dream job! 🙂

    How to Enable This Integration?

    It’s very simple. Go to Settings -> Advertisements and Clauses -> Advertisement. This is where you can decide on which services you want to use to publish the job advertisements that you add to your Career page. You can choose either one or both:

    How Does It Work?

    As soon as you move the slider by your selected job search engine, all of the job advertisements that you publish on your Career page will be added to the advertisements list on that service (please note that in January there may be a couple of days of delay due to content moderation.)

    If a candidate discovers the ad and wants to apply, they will be taken automatically to your Career page. Candidates that have applied in this way will be marked with the job search engine name that they used in the Application Source field.

    All of the advertisements published on your Career page are listed in your Traffit account and will have the Indeed and/or Jooble logo next to it, depending on your settings. All of your advertisements are synchronized with Indeed and Jooble every couple of hours, and when an advertisement expires on your Career page, it is also automatically removed from the service.

    Jooble cooperates with Linkedin, so when turning on Jooble integration, you additionally gain traffic from! The candidate, that finds a job on Linkedin, is redirected to and he can visit your Career page directly from it.

    What’s Next?

    What we’ve mentioned above is not all that we have brewing. We’re also currently working on integration with Indeed’s Apply and Sponsored Jobs services.

    More details are coming soon, so stay tuned!

    To learn more about our integration with Indeed and Jooble, visit our Knowledge Base.

    If you have any questions about Traffit, please feel free to reach out via the chat available at the bottom right of the screen — we will be more than happy to answer!

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