5 game-changing ATS features for improving the candidate experience

Applicant tracking systems provide dozens of features that boost recruiters’ workflow and enhance cooperation with Hiring Managers. But we’re not stopping there – we
Nina Kozlowska
Nina Kozlowska
Content Marketing Manager at TRAFFIT
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    Applicant tracking systems provide dozens of features that boost recruiters’ workflow and enhance cooperation with Hiring Managers. But we’re not stopping there – we strive to deliver a flawless candidate experience. As applying for a job is a stressful procedure itself, we decided to create a tool that can help HR professionals to design better recruitment processes. In the following text, I’ll present a few of the most interesting features of Traffit that might change the way you recruit. Let’s dig in!

    What is the candidate experience?

    Just so we’re on the same page when it comes to candidate experience definition 😉

    Candidate experience is defined as the perception of a job seeker about an employer, based on the interaction during the complete recruitment process. This includes all points of contact during recruitment – job search, the application process, interview process, and onboarding.’

    As a recruiter, you should pay extra attention to candidates’ perceptions during the hiring process – every detail matters. To attract the best talents and encourage them to go through the whole recruitment process seamlessly.

    Most powerful features for enhancing the candidate experience

    The following list is my subjective choice of the most interesting options for recruiters to attract more suitable candidates and increase conversion.

    Hiring workflow for seamless processes

    Creating effective recruitment processes is vital. Long and complicated processes can discourage candidates from applying for a job or continuing the procedure. In Traffit, you can visualize hiring workflows and imagine candidates’ journeys. That way, you can easily go through the process and realize if it’s too challenging or time-consuming. Be aware that candidates most likely are working full-time so that they don’t have too much time for unnecessary calls and dozens of recruitment tasks. You need to find a line between conducting the essential stages of recruitment and additional aspects that could help you choose the right person for a job but overextend the process. There’s no rule on how many stages the ideal hiring process has, as it depends on the clients, job specifics, and many other circumstances. 

    hiring workflow for improving candidate experience

    Career page generator for attracting the right candidates

    One of the crucial moments in recruitment is when a candidate reads a job description. It’s when they decide whether to apply for a job or not. Once you grab their attention, you have only seconds to attract them to the offered position. Having a career page enables you to present all the essential information in an aesthetic way. You can add your branding, team’s pictures, icons, and videos to express team spirit and convince candidates to apply easier. Read more on reasons to create your own career page

    Traffit’s career page generator is intuitive and perfect, even for non-tech professionals. Therefore, as a recruiter, you can create an efficient page and edit it whenever you want. You can choose the most suitable layout, customize colors, text, and even add your social media profiles so that the career page is fully functional. By adding all currently open positions, you can promote more jobs at the same time. We also provide a team section where you can upload pictures and enable candidates to meet future teammates and give them another reason to apply for a job. 

    career page generator

    Automated communication for fast responses

    Automation can improve candidate experience if it’s programmed properly. When it comes to the recruitment process, it’s crucial for candidates to feel well cared for. To provide fast communication with a personal touch, you can use automated messages enhanced thanks to personalization. 

    You can set up a chain of emails or SMS that will be sent automatically once you transit a candidate to the next stage. That way, they’ll receive appropriate messages and be up to date with their recruitment, increasing engagement in the process and directly improving the experience. Automated emails will help you avoid ghosting candidates as well!  

    transition configuration

    Email templates for the consistent candidate experience

    Regarding sending personalized emails, there’s one more effective feature in Traffit – email templates. You can create exemplary messages for every stage of the recruitment process so that your team can provide coherent communication. Define your organization’s language and style so that the candidate experience can be consistent regardless of who is contacting them. You can save time and improve communication at the same time. The system can automatically personalize messages with your data. For example, insert the candidate’s name. 

    email templates for consistent candidate experience

    Check out 7 Essential Job Interview Email Templates 😉 

    Reports for insights 

    Gathering data and analyzing seems like a feature designed for recruiters and hiring managers rather than for candidates. Nevertheless, learning insights on the past recruitments and evaluating them enable recruiters to create better hiring processes in the future. You can analyze stats about jobs, candidates, users, as well as source efficiency. That way, you’ll learn which workflows are the most effective. 


    To wrap up 

    Delivering excellent candidate experience is a challenge. Fortunately, with the right HR tech solutions, you can face it and win over the hearts and minds of applicants. Test all of Traffit’s features during a free trial. It’s the best way to discover the most useful options for you and find out if our platform can change your recruitment game.

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