How STATSCORE processed 400 UX/UI Designers’ applications with TRAFFIT?

Find out how TRAFFIT streamlines recruitment and allows you to take care of all the candidates even with hundreds of received CV's

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STATSCORE provides innovative products for the sports
industry and is building the largest sports data centre

STATSCORE collects, organizes and delivers high-quality sports data, helping sports enthusiasts, sports organizations, media and bookmakers achieve their goals by giving them the opportunity to sell, buy and use sports data in various forms.


Outdated ATS which no longer met business needs - including different simultaneous recruitment & access for all stakeholders

STATSCORE's recruitment team lacked the automation of crucial activities and appropriate e-mail templates to be sent to candidates. It was also important to be able to modify the autoresponder sent when someone applied and to have a personalized approach to the candidates and each process.


The crucial aim of implementing the new system was to streamline recruitment activities for the entire team

This was possible by bringing all the necessary information and all the communication about the process together in one place (knowledge base, job details, evaluations, etc.).

STATSCORE team also wanted to automate some activities keeping a personalized approach to recruitment and candidates. The clue was to keep it in line with the company branding and culture.

"Statscore places a strong emphasis on human relationships, so my goal was to find a system that would take the repetitive tasks off our shoulders so that we could focus on building relationships with candidates.

TRAFFIT was the best possible choice! By automating each process, along with the Hiring Managers, we can spend more time on the cultural fit of the prospective colleague and building the right candidate experience.“


TRAFFIT enabled data to be collected in a single database, giving easy access and searchability to the entire team

This also applies to adding feedback, assessing candidates, adding notes or assigning keywords (tags). Gathering this data in one system contributes to transparency and speed of all recruitment activities.

Some important changes has also been implemented to the Career Page, which has been integrated with TRAFFIT. Now applications submitted there are sent directly to the system. You can view the STATSCORE Career Page here: When applying, the candidate also fills in a dedicated form, which streamlines the selection process and helps acquiring additional information. This is another important step in building the company's image!

In addition, STATSCORE has enabled spontaneous applications with TRAFFIT dedicated application form - for people who have not found a job offer for themselves at the moment.

"Thank you for your kind reply and sincere information. I am grateful for the time you took and the opportunity shown. Although it was not possible to work together at this particular moment, I am glad to have had the opportunity to get to know your company. I am open to future opportunities
and hope that we will have the chance to join forces in the future."


STATSCORE now has quick access to the database of candidates in the process and can transfer them quickly through the stages

The list of positive effects is long and impressive:

- the recruitment team STATSCORE now records an efficient exchange of information that is gathered together in one place (candidate information, feedbacks, assessments, decisions made during the process, etc.),

- even more satisfied candidates; due to the individual approach and faster feedback on a dedicated email template with brand branding. Every process is transparent for all parties!

- Greater comfort for Recruiters dealing with the process, due to the automation of activities, the intuitiveness of the ATS, the collection of the necessary information in one place and the management of the entire recruitment,

- The team can now handle a very large flow of applications!

A great example of the last point is the recent recruitment for the UI/UX Designer position - in which the interest exceeded expectations! Nearly 400 people were put through the initial stage - which means comparing the applications received and competencies against the advert and company needs.

Of this group, as many as ¼ passed the 2-3 stages of recruitment (video call, homework assignment and interview with the hiring manager)! With the support of the TRAFFIT system, the STATSCORE team took care of all applicants, without having to prolong the whole process due to the high number of applications and related activities.

At the same time STATSCORE was recruiting for an Engineering Manager - where 100 candidates were being processed simultaneously. Time to Hire in this recruitment was 20 days, which is also a great result due to the same recruitment funnel and process consisting of 3 stages (HR Interview, Hiring Manager Interview and Interview with CTO).

"I really enjoyed the whole recruitment process. The very first interview with Martyna encouraged me to work at STATSCORE, in my opinion Martyna did a great job. I liked the next two stages because of the friendly atmosphere, partnership and substantive conversation. I also think the transparency of the whole process was noteworthy."

STATSCORE proves that transparent teamwork, an partnership approach to the process and the candidates, supported by a good tool, makes it possible to cope under all conditions!

This is evidenced by the feedbacks and recruitment data that STATSCORE is so fond of collecting 😉

377 applications
received by STATSCORE for the position of UX/UI Designer.

The best source of applications was their Career Page:
3 verification steps
Candidates' skills were verified in 3 stages:
- Video interview (up to 30 minutes)
- Homework assignment (4 days to complete)
- Interview (up to 1.5 hours)
2 days
average for an application to reach the Recruiter Interview from New stage
2 days
spent average on Recruiter Interview before the applicant was moved further or rejected
2 days on average
their candidates needed to accept the job offer


TRAFFIT allows also Hiring Managers to monitor the status of ongoing projects and assess their progress

Every process generates multiple reports from which lessons are learned to optimize each subsequent recruitment. The STATSCORE recruiting team doesn't waste time searching for a candidate, feedback or CV - it's all in one place. Getting back to the candidate after some time to invite them to the next recruitment is really easy.

A well-functioning ATS allows you to focus on closing recruitment quickly and efficiently, leaving a good impression after the process, building relationships with candidates and promoting your employer brand.