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Stop wasting your money on ineffective recruitment with TRAFFIT reports

Thousands of recruitment data points, analysed in seconds

HR metrics ready to translate into money
Find out how much time you invest in each process. Sum it with other hiring costs.
Impress your boss!
When you need to talk numbers, TRAFFIT recruitment reports are available for you 24/7
You can’t manage what you can’t measure
Become data-informed. Find out what worked so far and what can be improved.

What’s so special about TRAFFIT recruitment reports?

Insights from different angles
Use filters to select the data you want to analyze. Compare results across different cases and gain the insights you need.
Metrics & correlations
Compare data to monitor the key metrics, how they changed over time, and the correlations between them.
Data everyone will understand
Clear descriptions and info icons let beginners and pros in recruitment analysis be on the same page.
Quality and quantity perspective
Quality indicators instead of plain numbers to improve your hiring processes.
All data in one place
Your application sources, workflows, and job post-performance compared. No other systems needed.
Designed for clarity
Intuitive breakdowns, filters, charts, and customizable views help you quickly access hiring insights.

Want to take your recruitment analytics power to a new level?

It’s really simple with TRAFFIT reports.

More specifically?

Time to hire & Time to offer
Outspeeding competition
Check if you are winning the race for the top talents for your organization.
Time to reject
Process smoothness
Keep your hiring efficient and minimize the time your candidates await feedback.
Offer acceptance rate
Offer competitiveness v
Evaluate how competitive you are in the market and adjust to the current situation.
Top application source
Budget optimization
Track the effectiveness of each application source. Find out the value you get for your money.
Current pipeline
Your process at a glance
The crucial information you need about your open processes – under your fingertips.
Average time on stage
Spotting bottlenecks
Find out stages that are bottlenecks in your process. Dig deeper to come up with solutions.
Talent pool usage
Sourcing effectiveness
Find out how useful is your talent pool. Look for ways to use it better, saving time and money.
Job post performance
Recruitment marketing optimization
A/B testing in job posting? Why not! Test various versions of your job posts and continue those with the best results.
Applications quality
Applications quality
Learn what rejection reasons are prevalent for each application source and stage. It helps you compare and assess their quality.
... and many more!

Your recruitment analysis goes beyond that? We are prepared!

Contact us to discuss solutions dedicated specifically to you. Let us organize your recruitment analysis with TRAFFIT custom reports

Looking for benchmark data for recruitment metrics?

We’ve got them! TRAFFIT has analyzed more than 2 million applications from 2022. Enjoy!