Candidate management

Candidate management made easy

See the candidate management system in action.
No credit card required

Hire directly from your talent pool

Starting each process from scratch is passe. Use the full advantages of your talent pool.
Lower hiring costs
Your talent pool is already in your tool – no extra cost. Treat it as the primary source, lowering the costs of paid job boards or social media ads.
Shorten sourcing time
Search through your talent pool in minutes with advanced filters.
Profit from previous candidates' experiences
Build on your previous relationships. Connect with past candidates and speed up your hiring.

Find candidates matching your criteria

Some candidates weren't a fit when they applied for the first time – but it doesn't have to stay that way. Build on the relationship you created and use your talent pool as a candidate source. Advanced filters and boolean search get you quickly to the best matches.

Reach out in minutes

Use automated messaging to let your selected candidates know about the new opening. Send the personalized messages in minutes and save time.

Understand and improve your recruitment process

Pipeline view of your process
See at a glance how advanced is your process and how many candidates are on each stage. Drag candidates to progress them across the stages.
No candidates left forgotten
Set how long a candidate can stay on a given stage. Get a notification if this time is exceeded. Follow your standards, act faster than others, and improve the candidate experience.
Easy candidates browsing
Browse and filter your candidates from a given job by stage, evaluation, source or more advanced filters.
Hired? 👏
Send candidate data to your talent management tool – automatically!
Clear reports
Insightful reports that help you improve your process. Track the source efficiency, your conversion funnel, and most common rejection reasons. All easy to access and export.
Automated messages and scheduler
Improve the communication flow with automated emails. Send automatically messages when the candidate jumps to another stage or gets rejected.
Improve the communication flow with automated emails. Send automatically messages when the candidate jumps to another stage or gets rejected.

Grow relationships within your talent pool

Organize your database

Make it useful and easy to search. Adjust the tagging system to your preferences – not the other way round.

Our flexible tags, talents and custom fields reflect your needs.

Keep your talent in the loop
Send a relevant newsletter to your talent pool. Tailor the message based on candidates' profiles, and inform about matching openings. Get applications – directly from your talent pool.
Remember the details
Candidates' CVs are just a starting point – you learn much more in the process. Keep their preferences, ambitions, and soft skill information on their profiles. Spot the perfect person for your next opening.

Grow relationships within your talent pool

Quick overview on the profile
Everything you need to know about your candidate's consents. Check which were given, when they expire, and remove them if necessary.
Consent prolongation
TRAFFIT can automatically ask your candidates for consent prolongation and update them if they agree. You don't have to track it manually.
Easy to get
Gather data processing consents via application forms. Intuitive for the candidate, trouble-saving for you.
Your own consent types
Each company is different. Add your own consents and follow your Legal department guidelines.
High data security standards
We treat it seriously. All your candidates' data are securely stored. Manage who from your company or clients get access and define the range of permissions.
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