Email automation

Automate personalized e-mails to hire faster

66% of candidates want to be kept informed during the hiring process. Check, how can it be fulfilled without extra work!
Hire faster

Enjoy benefits of email automation

Automate repetitive e-mails keeping the highest quality
Save time
Avoid repeatable tasks and move the freed time to more productive activities.
Reduce manual work
Invest all your resources into more candidate-oriented activities.
Keep the communication personalized so that all you candidates feel important.

Bulk recruiting emails with a human touch

Stay personal

Send the email communication automatically – but using your mailbox, footer, e-mail template, and your content.

Avoid errors

Reduce the chance to write “Hi, Mark” to John 😉
Insert variables and let the ATS fill in the e-mail with data.

Your choice

You decide how it works. Set the conditions and decide, what should be automated, and which emails will be sent manually.

"Statscore places a strong emphasis on human relationships, so my goal was to find a system that would take the repetitive tasks off our shoulders so that we could focus on building relationships with candidates."

Let us show you the magical world of e-mail automation

Tell us more about the communication you want to automate, our experts will show you how TRAFFIT can handle it. Let’s talk!


Just choose the triggers

It is you who decides what should trigger an automated e-mail:

Job-based automation – create a different e-mail flow for every job, triggered when the candidate’s stage is changed

Workflow-based automation – create a single e-mail flow for all jobs based on the same workflow

Event-based notifications – enable e-mail notifications e.g. when you are assigned to a job or someone tags you in a note 

Email automation was never that easy

Your ATS will guide you through the whole process
Step 1: Prepare e-mail templates

Create your own e-mail templates, keeping the right tone of voice and visual identification. You can use HTML for that!

Step 2: Set up your automation

Decide on the stage of the workflow (or the stage of a specific job) and the recipients of the message.

Step 3: Keep the history

E-mails sent from your mailbox will be stored in the Sent folder and in E-mail history tab in the candidate profile.

Automate emails to all the participants

Keep everyone involved in the process on the same page
Increase candidate retention

Keep candidates well informed on every stage of the process and be sure you won’t get ghosted!

Elevate your candidate experience

Remember, that the overall experience candidates receive indicates how a company values its people 

Give feeedback. Always.

While 94% of candidates want feedback, less than 50% receive it. Be in the better half.