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Different application ways, one candidate profile

Optimize application cost
TRAFFIT lets you know which candidate sources bring the best results. Understand how each source works for you and make wiser money decisions.
Cut down time-to-hire
Start the sourcing with your talent pool. Automate a part of the messages. Speed up the interview setting with scheduler. Get notifications.

All to help you process candidates faster.
Keep your clients informed
Bring them results and data to support your decisions. Invite them to leave feedback on candidates’ profiles. Provide them with all the information they need about the process.
Take care of data privacy
Set access limits to your clients and control what they can see. Add appropriate consents and process candidates’ data following the GDPR.

Manage clients and their needs

Configure each element of your CRM

Manage your clients inside your recruitment system. TRAFFIT lets you fully configure the CRM, setting up clients’ profiles, contact persons, sales activities and other elements.

Integrate the CRM with other tools in your agency

Speed up the information flow by connecting TRAFFIT with other tools. Use built-in integrations and advanced API.

Reflect your clients' needs with processes

Treat each client individually. Create various processes, offers, application forms and message templates. Use scripts and styles.

Automation at your fingertips

Publishing on job boards

Push your job offers to multiple job boards with one click. We support LinkedIn Jobs, Jooble, Indeed, OLX and others.

Scheduling SMS messages

Expand your communication channels with SMS. Use templates, schedule messages or send them immediately.

Automated messaging

Speed up the information flow with automated messages sent at certain stages of your process. Notify the candidates about moving up through your recruitment process. Let them know they got rejected, and why. All of that can be automated – delegate it to the system.

Flexible contracts

Monthly billing
You can choose annual (with 20% off!) or monthly billing, and there’s no need to sign up for X months upfront. We keep it flexible.​
Transparent pricing​
No hidden fees. If any service is paid additionally (like custom reports or extended support from our side), you’ll know about it earlier.​
Free accounts for hiring managers
Boost your cooperation. Let them see the application, get email notifications, and leave feedback directly on candidate’s profile.
Flexible options​
Choose from two plans with different feature sets or go for an individual offer for bigger teams. Pay only for recruiters’ seats and change them when needed.