Process automation

Accomplish more, faster

Recruitment automation lets you focus on valuable tasks.
No credit card required

Let your processes fly

Minimize waiting time

Count how much time you or your candidate spend on waiting for something – like replies, interview time etc. Recruitment automation gives you tools to minimize it so that you run your processes faster and boost candidate experience.

Limit the need of your presence

Anything that needs your team’s direct attention slows down the process. Make sure that actions like automated messaging or hiring managers’ notifications run on their own.

See the impact of your actions

Take care of stuff where your input brings value – sourcing, analyzing data, leading the interview, gathering info from hiring managers etc. Delegate all the rest to the recruitment process automation.

Connect your tools into one flow

Integrate TRAFFIT with other tools and systems on your own. Use Zapier and save your precious time!

Feedback for everyone

Let your candidates know where they stand

Your candidates want to know what happens with their process. Send them automated messages when they progress to another stage or get rejected.

Send timely information

Add to messages such elements as recruitment task, scheduler link, meeting agenda or a map with travel instructions. Gather feedback with surveys after finished process. Add those messages to certain stages in your process.

Ditch generic rejection messages

Take care of the candidate experience even when rejecting them. Use templates, add specific info, and let your candidates know why they weren’t a match. An insight for them without hassle for you? It’s a win-win.

Make space for your priorities with recruitment automation

Limit the manual stuff
Each minute you spend on copying and pasting messages or data from one system to another is a waste. Delegate it to integrations and automation. Gain time for your candidates and innovations.
Less human errors
Ever sent a “Hi, Anna” message to an Alex? Don’t let it happen again with email automation. It doesn’t make human errors, and frees up your time – less stress for you!
You can always preview the messages before setting them live.
Limit the manual stuff
Our automation options and integrations are easy to set up. Follow the step-by-step instructions and cover it on your own – no need to depend on your IT department.

What can you automate?

Candidate newsletter
Sending data to talent management system
Communication with candidates
CV import
Adding links to videocalls
Scheduling meetings