Hiring Manager Role

Engage hiring managers & discover talents together

Lack of communication between recruiters and Hiring Managers is one of the four most common bottlenecks in hiring. We have a solution for that!
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Who is the hiring manager account in TRAFFIT for?

Literally everyone who is or should be involved in the process to make it smoother. It can be your teammate, manager, or your client. Provide them all with a free Hiring Manager access in your TRAFFIT. Don’t worry about the limits – these accounts are free and unlimited! 😉

external clients
technical recruiters

How can you interact with Hiring Managers?

Give them access

Your Hiring Managers have an active approach and want to be involved in the process from day one? Give them access to your TRAFFIT and allow them to browse all the candidates in all the processes they are assigned to.

Send them links

People you work with want to get familiar only with the candidates you have short-listed? Share the chosen candidates’ profiles via link. You can verify them via SMS for your candidates’ data security.

Mention and notifiy them

Each hiring manager can add notes and tag other users in them. We will notify the tagged ones via in-app or e-mail – according to their preferences.

Why drag them into the process at all?

The quality of your cooperation with Hiring Managers translates into candidate experience and better hiring decisions!

How can your Hiring Manager assess candidates?

Like or dislike

The quickest way how your Hiring Manager can mark those candidates, who should progress in the process.


The best way to leave detailed comments to the candidates that will be visible to everyone assigned to the process.

Custom activities

Create your own activities (eg. “technical interview” or “language test”), to track your process more precisely.