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67% of candidates visit the company’s career pages before applying. Would yours attract top talents?

How does TRAFFIT Career page generator work?

Drag'n'drop sections
Add text, team photos & benefits
Post new jobs with one click

Great examples from our users:

Create a captivating career page on your own!

Intuitive editor inside the ATS

Drag’n’drop and order blocks to create your page design. Fill it up with content and photos. Choose colors and fonts in line with your corporate identity. And that’s it – your career page is ready to impress your candidates!

Trustworthy page without coding

Easily create a Career page that is reliable to the candidates. You don’t need to know HTML – but if you want you can expand the possibilities of each element by editing the HTML code and adding scripts and styles.

Easy job posting & content updates

Post new jobs on the newly created page directly from the ATS. Update the content anytime, keeping your potential candidates up-to-date with the company’s everyday life, benefits, team, and open jobs.

Blocks you can use


Fill in the name, company logo, header image and links to your company social media.

Text and image

Provide texts and enrich them with photos to illustrate your company culture.


Attract your potential new co-workers by listing the benefits & perks you can offer.

Open jobs

You need just a few clicks to post your open from the ATS in this section.

Meet our team

Show your potential candidates who they will be working with if they join the company.

Additional link

Allow visitors to add CVs to your talent pool or add links to external resources.


Use your employees’ testimonials to increase your company’s credibility.

HTML code

Personalize your site with HTML to make it consistent with the company’s visual identity


Share photos of your team at work and after hours. Let the visitors feel the vibe!

Analyze like a pro

Let TRAFFIT check the efficiency

Easily recognize candidates acquired thanks to your Career page in the ATS. Our advanced reporting module will analyze the number of such applications and their effectiveness by the number of hirings.

Monitor visitors behavior

Know how many candidates visit your Career page and where they click or scroll. Use additional scripts and tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar to analyze user behavior. Find out what elements catch their eye, and what they ignore.

Why Career page is a must?

Attract candidates

  • Well designed and run Career page is an effective & free way to get valuable traffic to your job posts
  • It’s a cool way to get candidates familiar with company culture
  • It gives you more control over candidate experience!

Push your own brand

Why share in social media links to job boards, where your candidates can get distracted by jobs offered by your competitors? Treat job boards as an additional source for attracting active candidates, but let your Career page be the priority.