Career Page Generator: 6 Reasons You Should Use It

Most companies have a Career page on their website, where they list the benefits of working for the company and announce their current openings.
Jarek Wasilewski
Jarek Wasilewski
Content Marketing Specialist
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    Most companies have a Career page on their website, where they list the benefits of working for the company and announce their current openings. Managing it usually requires assistance from the IT department which can be troublesome. That’s why some ATS-es – including Traffit – offer a career page generator. What are the benefits of using it?

    1. It gives you independence.

    Traffit’s Career Page Generator allows you to edit your page by yourself whenever necessary, without engaging additional people, e.g., your graphic designer or front-end developer. You manage the page using an intuitive interface, so you can be a totally non-technical person and still make the changes you want.

    2. It saves your resources, effort, and money.

    Not spending hours on the Career page and not involving other employees means saving resources for other, more important tasks. And this, of course, means saving money. Moreover, once your Career page is online, you also save on posting ads externally, as all your vacancies are visible without paying a penny to job websites.

    3. It gives you flexibility.

    You can freely customize each element on the Career page, adding or removing the sections – header, job advertisements, gallery, employees, additional texts, and Instagram integration – as necessary. You have full control over each element – text, graphic, or other – whenever you need to change it.

    4. It fully covers your needs.

    The Career Page Generator not only allows you to choose from a wide range of sections, but also gives you access to branding (logo, color scheme, fonts) and allows for placing additional scripts on the page: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and additional CSS styles.

    5. It looks great.

    Using the generator, you can make your Career page look both professional and eye-catching. And this, of course, translates into more attractive employer branding and more valuable applications for your vacancies. How do we know for sure? We’ve created our own Career page using the generator! 🙂

    6. Google loves it.

    Google Careers search engine prefers job advertisements placed on one’s own Career page to those placed on external job websites. So, using the generator, you can easily improve the visibility of your advertisement and bring more traffic to your website, ranking it higher in the search results.


    Using the Career Page Generator will not only make your life easier but will also bring profits to your business. Why not generate one today?

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