Scheduling for recruitment: a new feature in our ATS

How often do you lose candidates even before you manage to set up an interview with them? A surprising 60% of the recruiters know
Zuza Dora
Zuza Dora
Content Specialist at TRAFFIT
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    How often do you lose candidates even before you manage to set up an interview with them?

    A surprising 60% of the recruiters know the pain. Usually, someone else just had a faster recruitment process – after all, top talent needs only 10 days to get hired. In this case, spending several days just scheduling the interview is a terrible waste of time and opportunities.

    In TRAFFIT, we knew the pain. As we aimed to shorten the recruitment process not only for ourselves but also for our clients, we developed Scheduler – and ended the era of the never-ending scheduling process.

    We’re happy to share our stats:

    • time-to-interview decreased by 70%
    • we reached 20% more qualified candidates
    • and we’re one step closer to finishing each recruitment process in two weeks from getting the application

    Let’s get into more details!

    How does our Scheduler impact your work?

    TRAFFIT Scheduler saves you time, and that’s pretty obvious. Yet, how does it influence your business results and KPIs?

    Reach out to 20% more qualified candidates

    Scheduling the interview often makes the biggest bottleneck in your recruitment process. Before you’re even able to get more information and decide who can fill in the role, your candidates are already taken by the competition.

    When you streamline this step, you reach more candidates who probably fit your requirements – before they get to the competition. As Glassdoor shows, the average interview process takes as much as 22.9 days. When you opt for using Scheduler, you can cut off the hours spent on setting up the interview, speeding it up in a significant way.

    Focus on tasks that bring value

    When you have a look at your recruitment process, you’ll find tasks that directly bring value – the interview itself or giving feedback to your candidates. Scheduling the interview lies in another group. It’s necessary to perform it, but overall, you can automate it. This approach lets you invest your effort where it brings the most results.

    Ensure brilliant candidate experience

    Streamlining the interview process covers another area of your candidate experience. Instead of deciding on the go during the phone call or exchanging numerous email messages, your candidates can pick the date in the most comfortable moment.

    The candidate experience you create impacts your brand’s perception. 9 out of 10 recent hires claim that the interview process itself strongly influences their overall opinion of a company.

    Keep everything recruitment-related under one roof

    1 out of 2 recruiters started using interview scheduling software – that’s good news! Yet, when you opt for a Scheduler built-in within your ATS, you get even further automation and control over the recruitment flow.
    Setting up the Scheduler in 4 steps

    As we want to simplify the scheduling process, setting up your Scheduler is a piece of cake. If you need it, you’ll find more detailed information in our Knowledge Base, but this paragraph should help you get started:

    1&2: Integrate the Scheduler and set up your availability

    To use Scheduler, you need to have your Google Calendar integrated with TRAFFIT. Then, you set up a scheduler, choosing the time slot duration, meeting details, and your availability.


    Creating a Scheduler inside TRAFFIT


    You can set up various schedulers to cover different needs. It helps you quickly add the appropriate meeting type for each recruitment step.

    3&4: Let the candidate set up the time

    When you have your scheduler ready, all you need to do is to add an appropriate link in your TRAFFIT message. Now, your candidates can choose the most suitable time for the interview. When they book a slot, you’ll get a notification in your calendar.


    Sending the Scheduler link to a candidate


    All it takes is to send one message – no need to check the availability, hang on the phone or play email ping-pong. Scheduler saves you time: both yours as the recruiter and the candidates’.

    Try it out on your own with our free trial period!

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