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December 12, 2018

Is ATS Worth Your Time?

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You know what an ATS is and what it does, but you’re not sure if it’s for you. You don’t know if it’s worth investing time and resources to implement it. Well, just consider the following situations and judge for yourself.

You are acquiring candidates and need a database to keep them organized

You need a clear and intuitive candidate database, where you can gather all the contacts acquired from different sources (application forms, emails, social media, etc.). You need to be able to easily search for candidates using keywords, filters, and exclusions.

You are recruiting for several clients on multiple recruitments

What you need on top of a candidate and recruitment base is an additional client database – or an integrated CRM module. You need to be able to easily publish job advertisements on popular job sites, and you need a reporting tool that allows you to track your effectiveness with each of your clients.

You work in the internal HR department of a company

You need a candidate database to build your own talent pool for current and future openings. You also need to be able to publish job advertisements on popular job sites easily. Having a tool for generating your own Career page would also be convenient.

You publish a lot of job advertisements and need to automate it

You need to be able to easily create and publish job advertisements on popular job websites. Default job offer layouts and branding alignment would make your job easier. Tracking the effectiveness of the advertisements at acquiring new candidates is a top priority for you.

You communicate with candidates a lot and need to automate it

You need to manage your communication from one place, using message and SMS templates. Setting up automatic notifications to send to candidates from your mailbox would be a more convenient and expedient way to communicate.

You are in charge of a recruitment team

You need to manage user accounts, as well as access a reporting module with an option to track the business and engagement of particular recruiters on your team. You need detailed knowledge about processes to be able to optimize them and limit costs.


Well, as you have probably guessed, all of the above needs can be answered with a good ATS! The words we’ve highlighted actually refer to specific features of our platform. If you still haven’t tried it, this is the moment – sign up for our 14-day free trial now!

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