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December 19, 2018

How To Sell Your Boss On a Recruitment Platform

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OK, so you already know that recruitment platforms are great and you’d like to start using one at your company. But, it’s your boss who makes the purchasing decision. So how do you convince them that getting an ATS is a good idea?

1. Discuss the benefits a recruitment platform offers your business.

Give them specific examples of use in your particular organization:

  • We will have all of our data in order, as all our previous, current, and future candidates will be stored in one intuitive, secure database that can be easily browsed and managed. Oh, and it’s fully GDPR-compliant. 🙂
  • We will save time and effort because we will no longer need to add and analyze each candidate manually. An ATS will do it for us from whatever source we got it, and will also tag them for easy finding.
  • We will save money, as an ATS allows for creating our own talent pool. Whenever there is a new opening, we can source candidates from our database instead of paying for job advertisements and starting the recruitment process from scratch.
  • We will be able to track effectiveness effortlessly and optimize the costs, as an ATS will gather the necessary data and present detailed reports on different aspects of our processes, especially the effectiveness of job websites where our advertisements are posted.

Go a step further and illustrate the above examples with a simple comparison of your work routine now vs. how it would look like once an ATS is implemented.

2. Present options to choose from.

Platform providers offer ready-to-use solutions with a predefined maximum number of users. However, many of them also offer more than a boxed product for corporate clients. When preparing the presentation for your boss, make sure you include both the solutions you can use right away and the ones that can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

3. Convince your boss it’s not brain surgery.

Recruitment platforms usually operate in the SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service) and only require standard computers or laptops to be used. But make sure you have the information about security issues or the required firewall configuration. Convince your boss that implementing and using it will not engage half of your team, take hours to set up, or cause technical problems.

4. Sign up for a free trial and invite your boss to recruitment.

The best providers offer a free trial that lets you test the features before deciding to buy. Use this opportunity to show your boss the selected platform free of charge and without any obligation to buy. Create mock recruitment and invite your boss to participate so that they can see the ATS in action and understand why you think this particular solution is the best.

5. Be ready for difficult questions.

Predict what questions your boss may ask. They will surely want to know how much time and money you can save with an ATS. Again, preparing a comparison of your work routine now and after the implementation of recruitment software will help you a lot. Make sure you have solid estimates and strong arguments to clear your boss’ doubts.


If you want to start using a recruitment platform in your everyday work, well, we totally get it. Getting your boss’s approval can be easy if you prepare well and give them enough time to think it over.

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