The Newbies Guide to an Applicant Tracking System

The applicant tracking systems (ATS), also called simply, recruitment software, is a must-have tool for today’s recruiters. Not only does it automate most of
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Jarek Wasilewski
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    The applicant tracking systems (ATS), also called simply, recruitment software, is a must-have tool for today’s recruiters. Not only does it automate most of the mundane tasks, but it makes your job more efficient and fulfilling. If you’ve already worked with one, you know what we mean. But if you haven’t, we’ll take you through the basics.

    What is an ATS and what does it do?

    ATS (applicant tracking system) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. It’s widely used by recruitment agencies, headhunters, and internal HR departments. It offers a complete set of features that allow you to acquire candidates, manage your candidate base, publish job advertisements, set up application forms, manage applications, communicate with candidates, and generate detailed reports. It can be integrated with popular services, as well as with internal systems (e.g., payroll).

    How can an ATS help in my daily recruitment work?

    With an ATS you can:

    •       build and browse your own candidate base with all the details in one place;
    •       collect candidate data processing consents (as required by GDPR);
    •       publish job advertisements on popular job sites with one click;
    •       analyze the effectiveness of the application sources;
    •       …and much more. 🙂

    What are the technical requirements of an ATS and how much does it cost?

    ATS-es usually operate in the software-as-a-service model, and as such require no hardware investments on top of what you already have, i.e., a laptop and a smartphone. Also, you don’t need to install anything, simply use it in your browser, wherever you are. As for the pricing, it’s usually offered in the pay monthly model and the price depends mainly on the number of users (here’s our pricing).

    How do I choose the best ATS platform?

    To find the best service for your needs, look for the following:

    •    Completeness – does it offer you tools for every step of the way?
    •    Flexibility – can you customize to make it work perfectly for you?
    •    Intuitiveness – is the interface simple enough for a non-technical person? Is it easy to guess what do the different options do?
    •    Integrations – how many of them are available? Is the platform open for integration with other systems, e.g., your own?
    •    Reporting – does it offer detailed reports and allow for tracking effectiveness?

    How can I get started?

    Sign up for a free trial and test your selected ATS platform. Here’s a quick checklist of your first steps after signing up:

    •    place all your candidates from all possible sources in the database;
    •    integrate your ATS with your mailbox and calendar;
    •    integrate your ATS with job sites where you’re posting your ads;
    •    if you work for a company, use the Career page generator.


    An ATS is a handy solution that requires little implementation and yet frees up your resources, making your work more efficient. Using it in your daily routine will make sourcing candidates, matching them with job offers, and doing interviews fun and will bring back a sense of purpose to your job. So why not get started today?

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