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How is managing a large candidate database easier with TRAFFIT? Next Technology Professionals story

A talent pool of thousands of candidates is a real treasure! How can TRAFFIT ensure its managed effectively?

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Next Technology Professionals
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IT recruitment & outsourcing
Using TRAFFIT since
July 2018
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  • Tags and notes
  • E-mail automation
  • Workflow customization
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Next Technology Professionals is a recruitment agency specialising in hiring professionals in the IT industry

The strength of Next Technology Professionals is the very fast pace at which they recruit candidates their clients are looking for. Therefore, the time it takes them to recruit successfully is the most important factor contributing to the business success of their agency.


Different workflow per client and the need to keep the candidates' professional situation always up-to-date

The previous ATS system used by Next Technology Professionals was outdated and lacked the features they needed. First and foremost, the ability to customize the workflows to their customers needs. At the time TRAFFIT was implemented, no other ATS offered such functionality.

What's more - the sales department wanted to be able to log into the system and check the status of the processes ran for their customers without asking the recruiting team for support.

“Staffing agencies and outsourcing companies have databases of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of candidates and managing them in Excel is just not possible.”


Gaining a competitive advantage by quickly recruiting candidates with profiles specified by their clients.

The success of an agency is finding the best candidates for its clients. Time is just as important here! Even for specific positions, Next Technology Professionals guarantees to reach the right candidates in a blink of an eyes.


TRAFFIT made it possible to utilize a very large database of candidates through - using notes, tags or candidate ratings.

Candidate profiles have been enriched with information not found in CVs or application form responses - and are the result of ongoing, daily work by the entire team. Every team member now has a complete overview of both the candidate's data and their current professional status.

In addition, TRAFFIT allows to keep a high speed of the processses - e.g. by reminding recruiters about candidates who are in processes and had no activities in the system for a certain period of time.

"We operate at lightning speed. As soon as we have a demand from a client, TRAFFIT is the first place we go to look for candidates."


Well-described and tagged candidates - and therefore better utilisation of the current candidate base

Next technology professionals have more than 35,000 candidates in their talent database, with whom they are in constant contact and whose data is constantly updated. This is possible thanks to quick and easy-to-use editing of a candidate's profile in TRAFFIT, where you can leave your assessment, a note or selected keywords - e.g. during a telephone interview.

This enables recruiters to quickly browse the candidate database and locate candidates with the profile their client is looking for. That includes using boolean search for an advanced search and looking for keywords in the documents attached to the profiles.

More than 35k talents
This is the size of the Next Technology Professionals candidate database, which is always up to date thanks to TRAFFIT
85% ATS users
say it has reduced their time-to-hire and 68% of those who have implemented an ATS have done so to increase the speed and efficiency
"A well-organised candidate base is the most important resource of any staffing agency. And the synergy effect of a great recruiting team with a greatATS!


Regular contact and a well-tagged candidate base is a ready recipe for a successful staffing agency.

TRAFFIT recruitment system is like a CRM; used to manage relationships with candidates. It is relationship building that translates into faster processes and satisfied agency clients.

Dominik Jurek