Case Studies

How does custom reports in TRAFFIT allow Goldman agency to better analyze and plan recruitment projects?

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How is TRAFFIT helping Juniorica to build relationships with candidates by improving their candidate experience?

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Let's give a voice to our satisfied users:

"The reporting module in TRAFFIT meets all the needs of HR professionals. The Application Flow report is the biggest surprise! It gives you a real insight into what our process actually looks like, how much time candidates spend in the stages and where we have room for improvement."

Joanna Wojdat

Head of HR, Teacode

"I'm delighted with the feature of sending emails to multiple people at once! We put a lot of emphasis on going back to candidates we have already been in contact with and encouraging them to maintain their relationship."

Ewelina Fatyga

HR Team Leader, Juniorica

"After implementing TRAFFIT, we have more control over the recruitment process: we hire faster and provide a better candidate experience. In addition, communication with Hiring managers has become easier, which has also had an impact on recruitment."

Magda Glińska

HR Business Partner, ZEME

"TRAFFIT is the best recruitment system available on the market and meets our requirements in terms of practical functionality and a modern interface."

Dominik Jurek

CEO, Next Technology professionals

"When choosing TRAFFIT, we were looking for a multifunctional system with a wide range of tools and capabilities. With TRAFFIT we have framed our internal communication with Hiring Managers, which has facilitated our recruitment processes."

Katarzyna Szymiczek

Head of Talent Acquisition, Leocode

"The best ATS I have ever worked with! Our company and our consultants are much more efficient thanks to TRAFFIT - the whole team can now close a lot more recruitment processes."

Rafał N.

Agency recruiter