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TRAFFIT is used by thousands, but is tailored to you. Start recruiting in minutes, while building processes that fit to the way you want to recruit.
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Create stunning job ads and share them on your favourite job board, or social media profiles! Don’t forget your sourcing toolkit to go in search of your next great candidate!
Create Workflows that work for you
If you have 3 fields on your application forms or 50, we got you covered. Automate emails and streamline your processes for even faster recruitments
Recruit great employees, together
Now transition candidates from your career page, to Recruiters, to Hiring Managers, all while keeping your key people without losing precious time.
01. Gathering applications

Create eye catching recruitments in minutes that make candidates apply

Job Board Posting, Linkedin Sourcing, Awesome Career Pages and more. We help you get exactly the amount of quality candidates you need to hire the right people every time.

Job Boards, Sourcing, and more. All your talent in one place.

Post all your recruitments to international job boards such as Indeed, Linkedin Jobs and more in just one click within your TRAFFIT account.

If Sourcing is more your flavour, you can add candidates to your recruitment database from right inside Linkedin.

Find our more about all the tools you have at your fingertips to gather great talent.

Eye catching recruitments, every time.

Write and design great looking job descriptions and application forms in minutes using our simple creation tools. Add stunning career pages that really show off your amazing workplace without the need for IT.

Turn your network into recruiters by tracking and rewarding referrals.

Reward your employees, friends and professional network to recommend you candidates and TRAFFIT will track who is making the keep introductions so you can reward them later.
02. Collaborate

Making successful recruitments, together

Collaborate with all the key people in your recruitment, exactly when you need them. Making recruitments faster, cheaper, and more enjoyable for you and your candidates.

Candidate Profiles and History

Keep all your candidate actions and history in one place. See candidate application history, stages in recruitments and notes left by your team so you can stay up to date, and give a great experience to your candidate.

Free Hiring Manager accounts

Involve your hiring managers at exactly the right time in every recruitment. Keeping your processes streamlined, and your candidates happy.


Tag your team member in any recruitment or note and they will get notified their input is needed right away.

Reports and Analytics

Using TRAFFITs vast reporting capabilities, you can get real time data on each team members input and activity in your account. Enabling you to look for trends and best practices that your entire organization could benefit from.

And many more features

That’s not all! We prepare a lot more valuable features for all needs

Tags and talents

Tag your candidates to search through your database with more efficiency.

Advanced filters

Create filter sets, save and share them with your colleagues


Let candidates choose the best interview time based on your calendar – via link.

Mailbox and calendar sync

Send messages and schedule meetings straight from TRAFFIT.

Consent management

Gather applications and process candidates’ data following the GDPR.

Integration with tools

Integrate with other tools via Zapier or ask your IT for support with API.

Application source analytics

Gather applications from various sources and find out which bring effects.


Manage your internal and external clients.
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