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May 4, 2023

Maximizing Efficiency: Tips for Selecting the Best Recruitment Agency Software

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If working in a recruitment agency is your cup of tea, you will know that getting this job done without recruiting agency software is like boiling the ocean with a candle.

Clients often need external help with hiring qualified candidates. And if they’re growing fast, they need more workforce in a short time. And if your agency has a portfolio of dozens of clients, and each opens up multiple new job roles, you’re facing a tsunami of projects to handle.

With no applicant tracking system, you won’t be able to cover several recruitment processes, including the following tasks:

  • job posting
  • candidate sourcing
  • resume parsing
  • candidate tracking
  • interview scheduling

And most importantly, creating detailed reporting for your clients and collaborating with them during the hiring process.

This guide will help you choose a stellar recruitment agency software that will help you manage multiple projects efficiently.

Let’s dive in!

What is Recruitment Agency Software

Recruitment agency software is a technology solution that helps recruitment agencies to hire top talent in an organized and efficient way. It’s an end-to-end solution with tech capabilities enabling agencies to automate many aspects of the hiring process and cover multiple job openings for their clients.

Also known as applicant tracking software or applicant tracking system, this type of web application allows agency recruiters to work smarter, not harder, and save much time in the process. It’s a powerful tool that brings both instances (agencies and hiring companies) closer to the desired effect – better hiring decisions and a more robust workforce.

Discover three types of recruiting agency software

The variety of recruiting software available in the market can be overwhelming, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

We can break down this technology into four fundamental categories depending on the angle, feature sets, and purposes. Vendors go beyond those clusters and merge those types into more comprehensive solutions.

But here are the most popular types:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) — as the name suggests, ATS platforms aim to track the applicant throughout the recruitment process — from job posting to hiring top candidates. Key features include candidate sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews, and fostering candidate experience.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — if you’re more into choosing a recruiting CRM, you can expect capabilities for managing and maintaining relationships with potential candidates and clients. This software gives a bird’s eye view of all candidate and client data, communication history, and other insights.
  • Recruitment Marketing Platforms (RMP) — running multiple hiring projects for your clients means casting the net wide. And this is where RMP software can come in handy to reach top talent with targeted recruitment marketing campaigns. What are the key features here? Everything related to distributing job ads, integrating with social media, and employer branding.

As we said, the angle and the functional context differ regarding the above. As a recruitment agency, you can select one of them, create a combination of three, or find one recruiting agency software that brings features from every category under one roof.

Key benefits of recruitment agency software

Taking care of talent acquisition for numerous companies comes with a lot of pressure, going around the clock to find the most suitable job seekers and most talented passive candidates.

Back in the day, many manual tasks and inefficiencies were driving recruiting agencies crazy and making hiring managers unhappy.

But that’s history! The new age of recruiting services aligns with recruiting software. Here’s how your staffing agency can benefit from implementing that technology:

Streamlined and efficient recruitment process

There’s the elephant in the room, and it’s called wasting countless hours on manual resume screening and interview scheduling.

Luckily, implementing recruitment software can free up your time. How? Recruitment automation is the answer! Let it take care of repetitive activities like resume screening or scheduling interviews for you. Once those tedious tasks are off your shoulders, you can focus on client relationships and positive candidate experience.

Upgraded candidate experience

Speaking of which — “candidate experience” may sound like a buzzword, but it should be your North Star. Many job seekers complain about being ghosted by recruiters. Those stories shared on social media can hurt the reputation of your client and your recruiting agency.

Instead, you should double down on creating a more personalized and smooth hiring process. The ideal scenario is where candidates easily apply for jobs, receive status updates, and communicate with recruiters through the software.

Refined data management and analytics

Detailed reporting is one of the most crucial aspects of running hiring projects in general. But it’s a philosopher’s stone for recruiting agencies hiring valuable candidates for their clients.

Your brand quality as a recruiting agency will skyrocket if you deliver your clients’ real-time candidate data and detailed analytics in a neat report, including time to hire or cost per hire.

If you see a downtrend somewhere, you can collaborate with your client to reverse it.

New quality of collaboration and communication

The most common reason a hiring process can get stuck is that the communication doesn’t go smoothly. This is what job seekers complain about all the time — that they don’t hear back from the recruiters. Another issue is the misalignment between recruiters and hiring managers, and what’s the most crucial for you — between recruitment agencies and clients.

The good news is that implementing recruiting agency software can help you collaborate and communicate efficiently. A collaborative recruitment process is where all sides get timely notifications and feedback.

Key features of recruitment agency software

OK, at this point, you know how agency software can make your working life better. Now, let’s dive into the features. When you look for a web application to revamp your recruiting process, you need to compare each platform’s technical functions.

Here’s a list of capabilities that should be your table stakes:

Job board posting and distribution

It’s a must-have of any respectable recruitment agency software. It has to equip you with intuitive tools to post job openings on major job boards and social media platforms. Running hiring projects at scale, you need to be able to increase the visibility of clients’ job vacancies. And all it should take to handle that is just a few clicks.

Applicant tracking and candidate relationship management

The essence of the applicant tracking system is to … track candidates throughout the entire hiring process. It’s about managing the whole journey without losing sight of any intelligence.

Here, we mean candidate data about their qualifications, employment history, contact details, and notes and feedback gathered during the interviews and candidate assessments. Your dream recruitment software should also have all the communication tools for candidate nurturing.

Resume parsing and screening

We’re talking about one of the most crucial features of reliable recruiting agency software and one of the ways to speed up the hiring process. To find the most valuable future employees for your clients, you need to dig through a mountain of resumes.

With staffing agency software, you can fast-forward resume parsing and candidate screening. Automation tools will help you extract essential information from resumes and find a perfect match for the job requirements.

Interview scheduling and feedback

Sending interview invitations, reminders and collecting feedback from other stakeholders from a recruiting company. That can be endless ping-pong and never-ending clicking. Or, it can go smoothly with automation provided by a recruitment software vendor.

When your recruitment agency and client collaborate like a well-oiled machine, you can get back to your candidates much faster.

Key factors on your recruitment agency software check-list

Choosing the best staffing software is like walking into a technology store and asking for a “good laptop.” There are plenty of aspects to consider. Let’s go through the most crucial ones:

Size and type of organization

Are you a recruiting agency of up to 10 employees? Or up to 100? Small and scaling businesses differ substantially regarding complexity and required features. Choose an agency software that will adapt to your growth.

In other words, when your staffing company grows, it’s crucial to have a tech solution that will help you scale your activities.

Integration with existing software

Each company operates with a specific tech stack — project management and team collaboration platforms, messaging apps, video calls, invoicing — you name it!

Here’s the amended code as per the instructions:


But on top of those, all recruitment agencies work with particular HR systems, such as HRIS or payroll software. So, ensure that your recruiting agency software integrates with the rest of your platforms, providing seamless data flow between them and excluding any manual data entry.

PRO tip:

When checking your potential recruitment operating system, check if it has API options and Zapier integrations.

Friendly user experience

There’s nothing worse than using software that is unintuitive, especially when it’s a platform you have to work with every day. Most applicant tracking solutions are feature-rich, which means learning it can be complex.

The key takeaway is that you need to find uncluttered recruiting software that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

PRO tip:

Check video tutorials on YouTube or your potential vendor’s website. They also should have a demo call option, where experts can show you around the platform. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Customer support and training

A demo call is one of the most efficient ways to verify your possible agency software. The second one — testing it during a free trial.

But another crucial factor is their customer support and user onboarding programs. There may be a learning curve for your talent acquisition teams, but this curve can be significantly reduced with good training options and assistance from a customer success team.

Meet TRAFFIT — Your future recruitment agency software

One of the options that should be on the radar of all thriving recruitment agencies is TRAFFIT.

With years of covering the needs of the staffing industry, TRAFFIT is a comprehensive solution that will help you find and hire qualified candidates for your clients — faster and more efficiently.

Loved by top recruiting agencies such as Randstad, HRK, Antal, or Talentplace, this recruiting software solution combines the capabilities of a robust applicant tracking system and a CRM powered by automation tools.

Let’s have a closer look at what it can do:

Well-organized hiring process

The success of each recruiting process is the bottom line for internal human resources programs. But it’s doubly important for staffing agencies worldwide because how powerful you are in hiring top talents translates into your client’s business results and client relationships.

That’s why TRAFFIT opens you a way to:

  • Optimize application cost. With this staffing agency software, you and your clients will know which candidate source was the most cost and time-effective. Having that data in place will help you allocate your future efforts wisely.
  • Reduce time-to-hire. Our latest data shows that the average time-to-hire for IT recruiting agencies is 42 days, whereas, for non-IT staffing firms, the number of days is 26. You can optimize that time by sourcing directly from your talent pool or automated communication and meeting schedule.
  • Keep your clients in the loop with regular updates. Use detailed analytics and reporting to back up your hiring strategies. Engage the stakeholders in the process by asking them to leave their feedback on each candidate.
  • Look after data security and compliance. TRAFFIT ensures that your hiring campaigns comply with privacy regulations, including GDPR, and that candidates’ data is processed based on their consent.

Spotless customer relationship management

As we mentioned, a CRM is one of the categories of recruitment agency software. TRAFFIT incorporates a recruit CRM into its platform. Thanks to its set of features, you can manage your client’s needs and projects from one place:

  • Set up your CRM. You can configure your platform how you want— from creating your clients’ profiles, their stakeholders as your points of contact, or sales activities.
  • Integrate your CRM with the rest of your tools. Use integrations and API to connect the dots between TRAFFIT and the rest of the software in your arsenal.
  • Customize workflows to your client’s requirements. Make sure you’re one of the best recruiting agencies out there, and you can adjust processes, offers, and application forms to their needs.

Automation at your service

Automating repetitive tasks is the new floor. Recruiting agencies can no longer stick to manual work and be competitive regarding other staffing solutions.

Check TRAFFIT’s free trial and discover how you can advance hiring with:

  • Publishing on multiple job boards. One click to rule them all. TRAFFIT seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn Jobs, Jooble, Indeed, OLX, and other job boards
  • Automated emails. In TRAFFIT, you can make the most of two types of email automation — workflow-based and job-based automation. As a staffing agency, you can save a lot of time and money if you create email templates and select at which stage of the workflow what kind of messages will land in candidates’ inboxes.
  • SMS messages. Your candidates can be on the move. While email communication is the baseline, you can add another communication channel to your hiring processes — sending text messages. With our applicant tracking solution, it’s super easy!

More features and flexible plans

If you’re searching for excellent staffing agency software, you can’t go wrong with TRAFFIT. On top of the above use cases tailored for recruitment agencies, this platform can help you level up hiring processes for your clients with the following:

But another crucial aspect, valued by recruitment agencies in the market, comes down to solid pricing plans. What you can expect from TRAFFIT is:

  • Choosing between an annual (which is 20% cheaper) and monthly billing (if you want to leave yourself some freedom for optional shifts in software)
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and gimmicks
  • Free accounts for hiring managers, which is super important when working with multiple stakeholders.
  • A custom plan with individual pricing depending on your needs. It’s ideal for recruitment agencies that scale rapidly and seek non-standard solutions.

Time to change the hiring game

Choosing the right software is a milestone that will impact your company’s bottom line. At this point, you know the key features and criteria your applicant tracking solution should have to help you hire hidden gems faster and more effectively. And, what’s crucial — to help you retain existing and win new clients!

When choosing one, remember to check their

  • features and benefits
  • pricing plans
  • flexibility and integrations with job boards
  • and customer support and onboarding programs

All that you can find in TRAFFIT! But don’t just take our word for it! Start your TRAFFIT free trial today, or book your demo call, and we will answer all your questions!

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