Meeting reminder

This recruiting email template will help you build communication in your recruitment process. Get inspired, adjust it to reflect your company spirit, and get back to candidates in a professional way – and way faster.

Use below e-mail template in your recruitment process
Meeting reminder
To: Candidate
Subject: Meeting reminder at [COMPANY NAME]

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					<p>Hi <span>[NAME]</span>,</p>

<p>As promised, I would like to confirm a recruitment meeting for the position of: <span>[JOB NAME]</span>.</p>

<p>Remember we are meeting <span>[DATE]</span> at <span>[ADDRESS]</span>.</p>

<p>We are looking forward to meet you :)</p>

<p>if you have any questions - we are here to help you.</p>

<p><span>[COMPANY NAME]</span> Team</p>


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